School of Law

Research Student: Ho Hai Truong

The development of human rights culture in Vietnam, 1986 to present

In the decades of isolation (pre-1986), the concept of 'human rights' was a rejected concept that Vietnamese avoided talking about. The claim of universality of human rights was criticised for covering the exploitative nature of bourgeoisie.

In contrast to the period 1945-1986, the term 'human rights' has increasingly become a focal point in Vietnam since 1986. The year 1986 marked the beginning of Vietnam's 'reform' or 'doi moi' policy, which has profound impact not only on Vietnam's political, social, and economic developments, but also on the rise of Vietnam's human rights culture.

The researcher has chosen the topic: 'The development of a human rights culture in Vietnam, 1986 to present' for his PhD research. The purpose of this research is to understand the beliefs, attitudes, and values about human rights in Vietnam after 1986.

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