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Adam Downie

LLB Law (graduate programme) | 2013-2015

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About Me

I was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and I am 25 years old. I graduated from Saint Mary’s University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Commerce (marketing major). Throughout the completion of my degree I was a member of the Saint Mary’s University varsity football team. I speak Spanish as my second language.

Why I chose the LLB Law graduate programme at Leeds

After working in a marketing related field for a year, I realised that I wanted to attend law school. After much research, I concluded that coming to the United Kingdom would be a wonderful choice. The possibility of completing my LLB in two years in the UK was of great interest to me. It was readily apparent that The University of Leeds was a top possibility in England. Therefore, I applied via UCAS and was fortunate enough to be accepted.

What makes me passionate about Law

In the last few years I have worked to prepare myself for studying law. I am driven by the intricacies and challenges that come along with studying this subject. You realise very quickly that the common law system is ever-changing and constantly evolving. It strives to keep up with, or indeed stay ahead of, a constantly changing world. The progression and refinement of common law will be up to our generation and future generations to come.

My course

The graduate LLB program is fast-paced, engaging and fun. At times the work can seem like a formidable challenge. Fortunately, at one’s disposal are all of the resources needed to optimise the opportunities for intellectual reward and success in the programme. The professors are leaders in their respective fields and will never shy away from assisting their students. The learning environment at Leeds is outstanding.

The Learning Facilities and School Support

The learning facilities at the University are great. I have wandered across every inch of campus in search of the perfect study spot on any given day and have found it on numerous occasions. The School of Law is based in the Liberty Building, which for me is a great place to spend time between classes. The Liberty Building makes the experience rewarding and fun.

The student support at the University and within The Law School are truly first rate. I have particularly appreciated the sort of emotional support that the professors provide. They are reassuring in your ability not only to do well in the programme but to have great academic success. I have also found that other students can be a source of great support and most are very approachable. There is great camaraderie.

Outside of Studying

The School of Law as well as the Law Society hold excellent events for the student body to attend. Rarely will a week pass in which a law firm has not given a presentation, or a judge has not come to the Law School to lecture us. The Law Society holds numerous socials throughout the year that provide a nice evening out. This year the Society travelled to Berlin and I was lucky enough to attend. It was a fabulous opportunity to travel to Europe. I am currently the Law Society’s Postgraduate Representative. I am the liaison between the Society itself and the postgraduate students.  

Life in Leeds

I am thrilled with the city of Leeds. Not to be taken for granted is the accessibility of the city. I was surprised at how easy and quickly I could travel from Canada to Leeds. Leeds is a great place to live. My favourite aspects are the museums and the Leeds City Market. I feel that Leeds has something to offer everyone.

My Advice for Prospective Students

The two-year LLB at University of Leeds is a great option if you are looking to pursue a law career.  It is a highly transferrable degree should you wish to pursue a career outside of the legal sector. 

After Graduation

I would love to practice law in an international setting.  This would be a field that involves relations between organisations in the developing world and governments. Consistent with this objective, I would also very much enjoy representing Canadian interests in international relations.

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