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Anushree Gupta

LLM International Law | 2012 - 2013

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About Me

I spent 5 years studying Law at the University of Lucknow in India. I have also got a diploma in Economic, Social and Development Rights from Kathmandu Law School in Nepal.

Why I Chose International Law at Leeds 

The International law masters program at the University of Leeds is very comprehensive. It takes into account a vast range of modules ranging from international human rights to the global war on terror. Also the optional modules allow you to choose your particular areas of interest. When I first saw such a vast collection of modules to choose from, I knew Leeds was the right place for me.

My Course

I've always had a passion to study law in order to protect global public goods, mostly the environment. This was also my main motivator to study international law as a whole. Initially I had my mind set on studying human rights law as it is an area which I can really concentrate on, but during my studies this has changed. International Economic Law (a part of the first semester modules) made the basis of this change. Furthermore WTO laws and the Foreign Investment Laws sparked my interest in the relationship between trade related laws and the human rights. I am also working in this area with regard to my dissertation.

University Facilities and School Support

The University is an excellent place for learning all different sections of law. Access to the libraries is easy and student friendly and provides a great environment in which to study. The lectures and seminars are well structured and are of a suitable length.

The student support in the school is really good. There is always someone to listen to your problems and advise you. The quality of teaching is really good and academics have a lot of legal insight. They are very student friendly and are open to new ideas. I really like the idea of every student having a personal tutor. It is really nice to have a person to whom you may go to and individually interact and discuss any issues, academic and sometimes also personal. There are a number of professors visiting form different parts of the world and there are lots of opportunities to exchange ideas and learn as much as you can.

Outside of Studying

The University has one of the biggest student unions in the country. There are a number of opportunities to learn different things and to take part in societies and clubs. This allows you to interact with lots of people from all over the world.

Leeds as a city

Leeds is such a lovely place. There are many international students all over the city. It has never felt like I was away from home, it becomes your own home once you are here. There is every kind of food you want, every facility, 24-hour cabs, every basic necessity and luxury as well. Also the climate is lovely. Trust me I never felt like leaving the place.

My advice to prospective students

I would advice everyone to go for it. Of course the selection of modules would play a great part in each individuals area of interest, but the law school is the place to be.

My Future

I intend to work for the time being and further my academic experience by applying for a doctorate. Leeds would definitely be one my first choices.

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