School of Law

Ben Coleborn

BA Criminal Justice and Criminology | 2010 - 2013

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About me
I lived in the same cosy cottage in a small village outside of Bath up until I moved to Leeds. To say Hyde Park is a stark contrast to where and what I’m used to is an understatement.

I’m a gym enthusiast, outdoorsman, dog lover and secret thespian. I love skiing, watching films and DIY. If I could work outdoors with a dog at my side and live in a house that I had built then I would be a happy man.

Why I chose Leeds
I applied to this course because I was intrigued by the lecturers who gave presentations on the open days, they didn’t bore me. The course was also located within the School of Law which made me more attracted to it than other courses often based in Sociology departments.

I chose Leeds because I loved the city and got a really good feeling when I visited and walked around the campus.

My interest in Criminal Justice and Criminology
I have a passion for these subjects because the content is real, you can measure it and you can see it happening every day.

Every theory, fact or argument can be applied to daily news stories about crime. I enjoy hearing or seeing something in the news and being able to apply my knowledge to help explain it, argue against it or prove that someone’s wrong.

The course
I really enjoyed learning about Restorative Justice, something that I had never heard about before and subsequently became passionate about as well as slightly frustrated that more hasn’t been done in this country to utilise its potential for success.

I look forward to writing my dissertation on exploring the possible outcomes of using restorative justice as a punishment model for serious crimes.

To anyone thinking of applying to the course, I’d say…come and see the Liberty Building (the Law School), it’s very impressive, then walk around the campus and visit the union.

I think the course speaks for itself as it has a lot to offer and since it’s based within a Russell Group university the quality of the content is high and always up to date. A significant part of your decision should be based on whether you like the campus and the city as it is where you’ll spend 3 years of your life.

Learning facilities
The learning facilities in the School of Law are plentiful, especially with all the lecturers under one roof, with glass doors to their offices, they can’t hide if you need to have a quick chat.

I’ve rarely struggled to find a book, access an article, receive advice or even locate a spare computer to use. I find the Edward Boyle Library to be my best working environment as it provides everything I might need for a day or revision or essay writing. It’s also close to the union, where I unnecessarily spend half my student loan on food.

Support for students
There are several access points to support in the School of Law including those in specific positions to deal with serious problems. If needed to, I have a personal tutor who would help me through any worries or queries but I’ve found that any of the law staff are always happy to answer emails or stop for a chat.

Outside of study
I joined the Kickboxing and Krav Maga society in first year, which was really fun. I also volunteered for Knowledge quite often on their safety campaigns in the union and for the Police with their safety operations around Hyde Park and Headingley.

I’m now the President of CrimSoc – the Criminal Justice Society – and have been organising talks, socials, sports teams, volunteering opportunities and careers advice.

I also enjoy going to the cinema, running and going to the gym, cooking good food, walking my dog and socialising with my friends.

Leeds life
Leeds is fantastic, very different to my hometown Bath, but it has lots to offer. From great shopping, great places to eat to interesting sites to visit and an abundance of good bars and clubs.

My future
I am planning on doing a Masters in Criminology so have not yet focused on career aspirations but I would like to be somewhere where I can influence, create or direct criminal justice policy. Or work for MI5.

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