School of Law

Benjamin Stockton-Finch

LLM International Corporate Law | 2012 - 2014

About Me

Although born in Thailand, I did my first law degree in the Midlands before coming to Leeds to undertake the LLM International Corporate Law.

During my undergraduate course I co-founded a law journal and won a Memorial Prize for my overall contribution in the field of law in 2012-2013. My enthusiasm for academia, specifically editing academic pieces, was furthered at Leeds where I am one of five editors of the law journal in its first year of publication.

In my spare time enjoy scuba-diving and regularly visit locations around the world in order to undertake this hobby

Why I chose to study LLM International Corporate Law at the University of Leeds

I chose Leeds mainly because the Professors teaching at the Law School are well known around the world, but also because I wanted a dynamic and diverse teaching environment.

In addition, the location was ideal as I come from Otley - it’s only around a 40 minute drive to the centre.

I chose LLM International Corporate Law specifically because I enjoyed company law and business law modules at undergraduate level and wanted to specialise further in these areas. I hope to commence a PhD at Leeds one day.

My passion for the International Corporate Law

I enjoy where business links with law, and specifically enjoy international insolvency, conflict of laws and international corporate rescue. This I think is because the field is so dynamic and changing rather than stagnant like some areas. I enjoy business and a strong part of my course is not only learning about the law but also how it should be applied for the best business solution.

My Course

I have very much enjoyed my course. Of course, it is challenging, but then all Masters degrees are.

If I were to pin-point a specific module that I have most enjoyed, I would say that Conflict of Laws in Business Transactions has been the best. This is because it is very diverse and when you learn about different rules you need to understand the intricacies behind them.

I feel that the course has helped me develop as an academic and understand how theory is used to underpin and inform practice.

The facilities

The law library is excellent. You can take a lot of books out at once and if I have ever required a book that is not available, the library staff have been on-hand to help me find alternatives.

Extra-curricular activities

I used to be a member at the EDGE gym on campus which hails a vast majority of gym equipment and an Olympic size swimming pool, and last year I was an office manager at the pro bono legal advice clinic.

If anything, I would say join the editorial team for the law student journal, as the papers you read help develop a structure for your own papers that is very rewarding.

Life in Leeds

Leeds is one of my favourite cities in England, and like the fact that the University has so-many links with the local community and law firms such as Irwin Mitchell and Pinsent Masons.

My Advice

Go for it! But, you must be prepared to put in some time – the lecturers will not  spoon-feed you but provide you with enough inspiration to want to do further research into their chosen specialisms.

After Graduation

I am going to BPP in Leeds to read the MA (Business with LPC). I have already gained my place and begin in September. After this I hope to go into practice, and then perhaps go on to undertake a PhD.

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