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Christos Chatzinikolaou

LLM International Banking and Finance Law | 2010 - 2011

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About me
I’m Greek-Cypriot and I grew up in Italy.  When I finished my Undergraduate legal studies in Greece I decided to further my studies in the UK.

I recently completed my LLM in International Banking and Finance Law at the School of Law. I am currently working as a Corporate Lawyer at Oneworld Ltd, Cyprus.

My motivation to study at Leeds
I chose to study this course as I have an interest in Banking and Finance law. This area is continuously altering and the recent financial crisis has thrown up some important questions about how companies and financial institutions should be managed. I decided to study at the University of Leeds because the University is well known for its excellent facilities and academic reputation.

My experience
The best part of studying at Leeds was meeting new people and making new friends. The University has students and staff with diverse backgrounds and Leeds is a very multicultural city.

I enjoyed the course a lot as it has provided me with a valuable insight into banking and finance law at an in-depth level. The modules are up-to-date and very interesting and the lecturers are very helpful and supportive.  The School of Law tutors have been great at providing advice, academic feedback and guidance through the length of the Course.

The course has given me practical skills which I can use at work as I have improved my communication and writing skills, and also social and academic skills that I am using on a daily basis.

The facilities are excellent. The new School of Law building, the Liberty Building is very modern and is a great place to study. There are many books in the law section of the library and there are also many online databases which are very comprehensive.

Living in Leeds
Leeds is a great place to study. The city plays an important factor in enjoyment as there is a variety of restaurants, clubs and pubs.  The university is very near to the city centre and everything is within a walking distance.

Since graduation
After completing my studies, I received a job offer in Cyprus, which I accepted, and now I’m working as a lawyer in a corporate and financial services firm. Studying at University of Leeds has opened up many opportunities to enhance my future career.

I would recommend the course and the University of Leeds to students wanting to further their education. It’s a fantastic place to study, and the School of Law is excellent!

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