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Dan Ruo Zhaung

LLM International Business Law | 2010 - 2011

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About me
I studied Law as my major during my Bachelor Degree, which I did in China. I have also studied the LLM International Business Law here at the University of Leeds. I am expecting to graduate in December this year (2011).

My motivation to study
I aimed at further study in my major and focused more on the business law sector, which I expected to be helpful to my future career. I chose the University of Leeds because of its high reputation and outstanding level of teaching.

The multicultural environment with students from all over the world was also attractive to me.

My experience
There is no doubt that much has been learnt from the one-year LLM course.

My professional knowledge has been largely enriched and my thinking ability has been greatly fostered through the programme.

Apart from this, I have gained a multicultural experience from the international environment of the University of Leeds, which I take as the most precious thing I have learnt from programme.

The programme is highly-qualified with rigorous standards. I have learnt a lot from the modules, not only in terms of the enrichment of professional knowledge, but also with regard to the good habit of study and new ways of thinking.

The teachers were always helpful, I was always able get help from the professors and tutors; when asking for help via email, I always got a quick reply. They are all highly-professional and patient.

Leeds life
Leeds is a very international city with a multicultural environment. It is small but nice, and has convenient facilities and friendly people.

My future
I am currently looking for job in China. The programme has improved my overall calibre to a large extent, both in terms of language level and in all kinds of capacity. It has enriched my CV as well as my experience.

The programme is definitely worth considering if you are seeking a higher scholar path or a unique experience for a year.

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