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Dongyun Zhou

LLM International Business Law | 2010 - 2011

Photo of Dongyun Zhou

About me
I came to England in 2007 when I studied the BSc Business Administration at the University of Kent.  After this I studied the LLM International Business Law in the School of Law, here at Leeds and have since started an MA in Human Resource Management at Leeds University Business School.

I really like studying in England and I’d like to learn more skills which will be useful for my future, which is why I chose to study another MA. I like studying at the University of Leeds very much.

My motivation to study
I would like to work in business in the future, and in my opinion; it is better to have knowledge of the law in this industry which is why I chose to study International Business Law.

Also, Leeds is a famous big city in England and the University of Leeds is a famous university worldwide. The University is one of the top 100 universities in the world.

My experience
I really enjoy my life at university as I like to study. Studying at Leeds encourages you to do your own research and you can always have your own ideas on your research. I have learnt so much useful knowledge about international law.

The programme was very good. The lecturers are very nice and helped me a lot. Their help and guidance was really useful and always clear. They always are willing to help and always do so with a warm smile.

The new Liberty Building is wonderful and beautiful. The libraries in the University are very useful and convenient; the 24 hours computer clusters are really useful when all the libraries are closed.  

My future
Once I have graduated, I would like to apply for jobs in marketing, sales or administration in multinational companies in the mainland of China or Hong Kong.  

My LLM has helped me to learn the academic language of law and definite knowledge of International law. Having learnt how to conduct business between different countries,  I feel I would be able to provide information and advice to decision makers in my future roles.

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