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Dr Michael Shen

LLM European and International Business Law and PhD | 2003 - 2009

Photo of Dr Michael  Shen

Dr Michael Shen, grew up in China. He completed his Chinese undergraduate and postgraduate legal education in China before coming to England.

Between 2001 to 2002, he was a visiting scholar at the School of Law, University of Leeds. In 2004, he received his second LLM degree in International and European Business Law from the University of Leeds. He received his Postgraduate Doctorate in Law under the supervision of Professor Surya P Subedi, at the School of Law, University of Leeds in 2009.

Dr Shen is currently the Senior Sino-Europe Legal Consultant at Burton Burton & Ho LLP Solicitors. He was instrumental in the firm’s set up of a dedicated PRC (the People’s Republic of China) division. With a dedicated and experienced team, Michael has already provided a comprehensive range of services for UK companies who are doing, or intend to do business in China, from the inception of their ideas through to running business and trading in China.

"The School of Law at the University of Leeds, not only furnished me with legal knowledge, but also drive and inspired me to achieve greater developments in the legal sector, to apply my expertise in cross-jurisdiction research to business scenarios in the UK, China and other countries.

Because of these foundations provided to me at the University of Leeds, I am more interested and committed to serve businesses with the purpose of  initiating business projects despite the differences they may encounter in jurisdiction and cultural background."

Dr Shen is also currently involved in a key research project of the Ministry of Education of China – Restructuring International Economic Order after the Global Credit Crunch and the Legal Countermeasures of China.

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