School of Law

Professor Ali Riza Çoban

PhD | 1998 - 2002

Photo of Professor Ali Riza Çoban

My time at Leeds

I completed my PhD at the School of Law in 2002. One of the main reasons I decided to study at the School of Law was because of the quality of research staff and opportunities provided to all research students.

The quality of supervision provided to me was also invaluable, particularly by Professor Walker and Professor Bell. In addition to the relationships, the facilities were also great: the Brotherton Library and computing facilities made my research very easy.

Any PhD researcher could find an expert supervisor, enough reference sources and facilities at the School of Law; it is the perfect place to do research. There are many opportunities to discuss your findings, and the School provides such a stimulating environment. The postgraduate seminars and lunch time conferences were very important activities to discuss and develop your ideas.

The academic and administrative staff in the School were always ready to help any student with any problem. You can easily find the right person and the right guidance you need to help your studies.

In terms of the city, Leeds is great place to live and there are so many opportunities. It is a big city, enough to find any opportunity for shopping and socialising, but it’s also small enough to reach anywhere you need in good time.

After graduation

Since graduating, I have been working as a university professor teaching Constitutional and Human Rights Law. I also work as a rapporteur at the Constitutional Court of Turkey. Rapporteurs are kind of law clerks who have judicial responsibilities in the Turkish Constitutional Court. We are responsible for preparation and submission of the files to the Court Panel.

My PhD from the School of Law has always been a good reference for me in terms of my career development and I would say that Leeds is the perfect place to study and research Law.

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