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Edward Bellamy

LLM Cyberlaw: Information Technology, Law and Society | 2008 - 2010

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About me
Before my first degree I set up a healthcare IT consultancy looking at process efficiencies using technology. Continuing on with my consultancy part time, I undertook a BA in Economics. Whilst at University I set up another business with a partner to focus on technical delivery and management information.

The moment that exams were over, I was working full time delivering information solutions to all sorts of business, mostly in the health arena. It was in this pursuit that it became obvious that I would need a greater expertise in domestic and multi-national data protection and information law.

My motivation to study
Having had a taster of “Cyberlaw” as an elective at undergraduate level, I was aware that such courses existed. With my working life requiring a greater knowledge and indeed evidence of this knowledge, a Masters in this area seemed the way to go. I considered every course in the country before making my decision, even those without the specific focus that I was interested in.

Doing the course part time meant I was prepared to travel anywhere in the UK. The quality of the courses in Leeds combined with the strong local legal community made it a contender straight away. The strength of the department with its internationally recognised lecturers, the hive of activity that is Leeds, a great campus, access to plentiful facilities, the city centre and easy access to major routes made the decision a no-brainer.

My experience in the School of Law
First and foremost, the course was well organised; I applied online and the contact time was organised consistently such that I could plan my working week around it. The intellectual stimulation and knowledge gained form the course meant that it was always a pleasure to attend all lectures and seminars. The contacts gained and the accumulation of knowledge continues to make my time at the University invaluable.

The course itself was thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding. Deadlines were well defined with good guidance and results had dates associated with them. So many places that I have experience of drive their students up the wall with time-related uncertainties that are so easily overcome by good organisation.

The city
Leeds as a city is certainly vibrant; a metropolitan atmosphere without the inconvenience of the city centre being spread over a large area. Public events and entertainment are well catered for in the city, for example Opera in the Park at Temple Newsam, Leeds Festival at Bramham Park, Harewood House, all sorts of events in Millennium Square and on Briggate, sporting events at Headingley Stadium or Elland Road.

Since graduation
Since graduation not a lot has changed as I was working full time throughout the course. A broader appreciation of relevant issues has helped expand rapport with clients and as a consequence scope of work. This has led to a more enjoyable working life that has more than funded the cost of the course.

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