School of Law

Ellen Miller

BA Criminal Justice and Criminology | 2010 - 2013

Photo of Ellen Miller

Why I chose Criminal Justice and Criminology
From a young age, I have watched real-life crime programmes such as Crime Watch and was always intrigued as to why people commit horrible crimes.

I wanted to study at a campus university but also in a city, which Leeds offered me. I also wanted to be in a busy and exciting city which at the same time would be small enough to feel at home in. Furthermore, being at a research based university was very important to me.

What makes me passionate…
Studying Criminology means that I am constantly getting closer to answering questions that I have always wondered about, such as why individuals commit crimes against others and how the criminal justice system attempts to punish and rehabilitate offenders whilst offering services to victims.

I think that studying a subject that is of intrinsic interest to you is the most effective way to get the most out of your time at university, as well as the best results you can achieve.

The course
I have enjoyed the variety of modules available and found that all of the modules I have taken, including the compulsory ones, have been interesting and stimulating.

This year I am really looking forward to writing my dissertation, as it gives me an opportunity to study in depth an area of particular interest to me.

I would say that if you want to apply to a good university with excellent support and resources, study a subject which is interesting, constantly changing and extremely varied, and live in a fun, exciting and friendly city then this is the course to apply to.

Learning facilities and support
The facilities here are very useful, in particular the library and the online ‘skills@library’ service which I find useful for tips on research, reading, essay writing, exams and referencing. I have found that having a personal tutor is also a useful point of contact for any academic problems.

Student support is very good, in particular the personal tutors. There is also always someone available to help with things such as career advice, volunteering opportunities and academic advice.

Outside of study
Whatever interests you, there are opportunities to match. There are societies for any activities that you already take part in or would like to try, as well as course related societies. I am a member of the Hiking society and Crimsoc (the Criminal Justice and Criminology society).

Outside of studying, I like to keep fit by going to the gym and with the University Union hiking society, and socialise with my housemates with activities such as nights out, cinema, watching TV on our comfy sofa or cooking meals together.

Leeds life
I think that Leeds has a great balance between being a busy and exciting city and feeling like home. Whether you like nightclubs, music gigs, shopping, eating, museums or anything else there is something for you and at the same time everyone is friendly and the city is just the right size.

After graduation
When I have finished my course I would like to join the police, but as the police are unlikely to be recruiting for a few years I plan to travel in the meantime.

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