School of Law

Evie Carroll

BA Criminal Justice and Criminology | 2014-2017

Photo of Evie Carroll

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I’m a mature student from Bristol and I came to Leeds after completing an Access to Higher Education diploma. Before returning to education, I worked as a receptionist and then in retail but always knew I wanted to do something more fulfilling in the long term.

What motivated you to apply to study your chosen course and why did you chose Leeds?

I previously studied Sociology, Psychology and English Literature and found the study of crime and deviance particularly interesting. I not only wanted to look at offending patterns in more detail but I wanted to know why people offended. The Criminal Justice and Criminology course at Leeds combines Sociology, Psychology and Law modules to help obtain a fuller picture of Criminology. I did not find any other course that had such a wide range of modules available and after attending open days, I felt that Leeds as a city could offer me fun nights out and a good social experience.

What do you think of your course, have there been any particular highlights for you?

I have found my course really interesting and it shakes up your outlook on different groups of people and the vulnerabilities they face. A highlight was when the Head of Service at Leeds Youth Offending Service gave a guest lecture as I gained a real understanding of the day to day duties of working with young offenders which is a career option I am considering.

How would you describe the help and guidance provided by the staff within the School?
The help and guidance provided within the School of Law is really good. Each member of staff has open door hours every week where you can go and see them and ask any questions on feedback received or ask about any queries relating to the content or work for the course.

How would you describe the facilities at the University?

The facilities are great. The libraries are big and spacious and it is extremely easy to take a book out. There is an app for your phone where you can check which library or computer cluster has free spaces and there is always a library that is open late.

Have you had the opportunity to study abroad, or complete a year in industry? If so, please tell us about your experience.

There is an opportunity to study abroad or complete a year in the industry for all students. I’ve applied for a placement year working for a local charity in Leeds with female sex workers which I hope will aid my understanding of marginalised groups whilst providing vulnerable women with the support they need.

Have you been involved in extra-curricular activities, such as societies, summer placements etc?

I am a coordinator for the Homed society and make regular visits to different homeless hostels throughout Leeds where I cook a meal with the residents. It’s an eye-opening experience as you interact with people from all walks of life and realise that there is no stereotypical homeless person – it can happen to anyone.

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