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Gaurav Gogia

LLM International Business Law | 2010 - 2011

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About me
I hail from a business background and am the first one in my family to pursue higher education studies abroad. For me, entering into Law was by chance, but falling in love with it was my choice.

After completing B.Com (Honours) & LLB from Delhi University, I completed Companies Secretary from Institute of Companies Secretary of India, whereupon I decided to pursue Masters from an international university.

Prior to pursuing the LLM at the University of Leeds, I was working with one of the prominent Law Firms in Delhi, where I was exposed to a wide range of Corporate Litigation matters. While working with this law firm, I realised that an International Masters’ Degree would not only improve my research and drafting skills but will also provide me an edge over my counterparts, leading to a better professional growth. At present, I have the privilege of selecting the law firm I wish to work with.

My experience
My first experience away from home was nothing short of a sensation. I had a phenomenal year, both from the personal as well as professional perspective.

After spending the majority of my time during the week in the library, partying at the weekend was inevitable. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversations with people from different communities and backgrounds, and made friends from virtually every corner of the world.
On the professional front, my experience enabled me to develop a wider horizon and acquire a better understanding of the functioning of different jurisdictions of the world. It also developed my analytical faculties by accentuating my understanding of the legal and commercial world.

Specialisation is something that comes with work, but it is imperative for one to cultivate a level of professionalism, that is expected at the work place, at the graduation level itself. My course at the School of Law precisely helped me in developing that. Moreover, being a part of the Students Support Forum, and representing the students at the Law School Meeting took my confidence to the next level.

The programme
The one year LLM course places emphasis on no-spoon-feeding, the high-quality seminars are backed by presentations and slides, effective class participation, and lots of self-study.

Don’t expect to participate in the class unless you are assiduous with the readings suggested by the professors. As opposed to providing an in-depth knowledge on a particular subject, the modules are designed in a manner to provide a good overall understanding of the course. The assessment system is highly fair and unbiased.

My elementary concerns regarding the accommodation, cultural change and academic differences were resolved by the right guidance at the right time by the University’s South East Asia Office.

The academic differences were not daunting by any means, as the learning was made easy by persistent support from the teaching as well as non-teaching faculty. My Personal Tutor served as a guide during the entire duration of my study, and there was invaluable assistance provided by my supervisor during the dissertation.

The facilities
The University takes into consideration the needs of its students. Highlights of the facilities provided by the University includes a comfortable accommodation, its proximity to the gym and other facilities provided by the Edge Club, the Computer Clusters (which are in abundance), the Library resources, and the new Law School Building (the Liberty Building).

Leeds life
As a city, Leeds is extremely peaceful and student friendly, with appropriate infrastructure and a rich heritage. It meets the international standards. One cannot afford to miss the clubbing and nightlife when staying in Leeds.

I am glad that I opted for the University of Leeds over other Universities that were offering me a similar course. To anyone looking for intellectual growth and experiencing a multinational and multicultural environment, I would definitely recommend this University. For me it was a fulfilling experience, an experience of a lifetime, an experience to be cherished and an experience to be remembered.

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