School of Law

James Faulkner

BA Criminal Justice and Criminology | 2008 - 2011

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About me
I am originally from Walsall, which is a typical industrial town outside of Wolverhampton. I’m a big fan of football and support Wolves. I also enjoy numerous active pursuits such as running, cycling and working out! I also enjoy frequent visits to the many bars which Leeds has to offer!

Why I chose Criminal Justice and Criminology
I originally wanted to study law but after participating in work experience at a firm I opted to focus on the criminal side, which is geared far more to my specialised interests. I also enjoy the fact criminology at Leeds allows me to advance my sociological interests which I studied at A-Level.
In terms of Leeds, it’s very hard to explain but I just got a good vibe from the campus and the city when I visited on an Open Day. It’s a very student based city and after three years here I can definitely say it is an amazing place with so much going on. It is also very green with plenty of opportunities to keep active which is a positive. I am definitely glad I left home and came to study in a big city and more specifically Leeds.

The course
The main positive about coming to University for me was the increased independence and my personal development in terms of social skills. However, in terms of my academic studies, I find the school to be exceptional and well organised. The course is well structured, developing themes throughout the years of study. Also, lecturers are well respected in their field and clearly know their fields of study in great depth.

My study abroad experience
I am a very outgoing person and the opportunity to travel abroad has always excited me. Therefore, a year actually living in a different country was too difficult not to pursue! I went to Carleton University which is in Ottawa, Canada.

The social side and travelling were definitely the best two aspects of my year abroad. I made so many Canadian friends who I still speak to now, every day was a chance to meet new people from all over the world which is incredible.

The chance to travel was also a huge positive. I used Ottawa as a base and travelled to Montreal and Toronto. As well as spending Christmas day skiing in Quebec and New Years in New York City. At the end of my year I travelled up the West Coast of America and across Canada. I saw some unbelievable sights that I will never forget!

Living abroad definitely developed me as a person. It taught me to become self-sufficient, independent, more confident, open to new experiences and allowed me to experience a new culture which is amazing.

The experience definitely allowed me to relax more, I no longer stress over small things as much, I guess I am just far different to how I was when I left at the end of second year. I think I have developed far more than I would have if I had stayed in Leeds for my third year. Going abroad breaks up your degree and allows a new perspective both academically and personally. Also, it is a big plus point on your C.V.

Would I recommend studying abroad…YES! I don’t understand why anyone would not want to study abroad! If you get the chance take it with both hands. You will not get many chances to live in another country and doing so through a study abroad exchange provides you with the best opportunity to meet so many new people. The year is what you make it, if you go out with a positive attitude you cannot fail to have an incredible time! I wish I could go again!

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