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Joannitah Kabera

LLB Law | 2012-2015

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About me

I grew up in Manchester, a vibrant city where I got a chance to experience a variety of different cultures.  I love shopping and experiencing new cultures through music, food and entertainment.

Why I Chose Law at Leeds

When applying for university I looked at the league times as well as doing my own research and attending open days. I came to the open day and I really liked the campus as well as getting the chance to speak to the staff. I wanted to attend a university that would allow me to get a good degree as well as providing plenty of pro bono activities. Leeds is the university for me because it fulfils my academic requirements and is close to home.

Moreover it was my first choice because of the overwhelming support I received from the School of Law staff before university actually started. Leeds offers plenty of support in the form of the Leeds Access Programme which allows students from certain backgrounds to enter into the university who may not have otherwise had this opportunity.

My passion for Law

I discovered my passion for law through volunteering with a Children’s Rights Centre. I made a decision early on that I wanted to pursue a career in Law. I developed my interest further through my study of Politics at A-level where I learnt about the relationship between the Parliament and the Courts.  My studies taught me about the power of the law and made me want to work in a legal profession. The law affects every aspect of our lives whether you’re a solicitor or a shop owner. The power of the law is endless and I wanted to be an enforcer of the law. I made the decision that a career at the bar would allow me to have an impact in people’s lives through the application of the law.

My course

I am really happy with my course. I have enjoyed seminars the most because they give you the opportunity to discuss material in depth, as well as gettinh the chance to learn from other students own perspectives. I have really enjoyed modules like Banking and Financial Services Law which encourages you to directly apply your knowledge learnt in the classroom to the current financial climate. 

Learning facilities and school support

The university offers two massive libraries with a wide range of resources as well as the online websites such as Westlaw and Lexis nexus to avail of electronic materials. During the year there are sessions where students can go and learn how to use the databases or ask any questions that they may have to fully utilise these resources.

I have personally received an immense amount of support from the staff. There is academic support offered from personal tutors as well as support staff hours available if you have any questions on the content that you are learning.  

The careers centre is a great resource as they offer support with mock interviews, completing application forms as well as general career guidance. The Law school also has a variety of its own careers fairs specifically for law students at Leeds.  A variety of leading law firms often attend and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Outside of studying

There are plenty of societies offered by the student union with over 250 clubs and societies. There is everything from culture societies, languages and sports.

The Law school also offers a variety of pro bono activities that I have taken part in, for example Street Law, The University of Leeds Justice Project and peer mentoring. There are also internal competitions that take place such as negotiating, debating and mooting.

Life in Leeds

Leeds as a city is perfect for students. I came from Manchester and when I was applying to University I wasn’t willing to give up on the diverse culture and opportunities I had grown up with. Leeds is big enough for students to be able to experience different cultures whether it is in music, entertainment, dining but at the same time it isn’t expensive. Furthermore with the newly built shopping centre Leeds is not lacking in activities for students. Another thing to consider is the fact that Leeds is the second largest legal and financial centre outside of London and offers a variety of career opportunities.

My advice to prospective students

I would encourage anyone to apply! A Law degree from Leeds will reward you with a degree from a reputable university as well having the chance to experience a number of Pro-Bono and volunteering opportunities, Law society events, as well as the possibility to study abroad. University is not just about getting your degree, it is also important to immerse yourself in the array of non- academic opportunities available.  

After graduation

I am currently torn between a career at the Bar and a career in the Civil Service. I spent the summer doing multiple mini-pupillages as well as the Civil Service Diversity Internship.

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