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Juldeh Jalloh

LLM International Corporate Law | 2010 - 2011

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About me
I graduated from my undergraduate course from Leeds in 2009-2010, however due to the quality of tuition and guidance I received; I decided to opt for the Masters programme and did the LLM International Corporate Law.

Since I've finished the course I have been working in a large security company as a Corporate Social Responsibility Officer. This position allows me the opportunity to extend my interest in examining the role of companies in modern times.

My motivation to study
My motivation to study was that I wanted to see the role of companies in the capitalist economy. I am fascinated by the role they play in creating wealth and promoting development.

Alternatively, it is on record that companies tend to externalise their cost to the general population through pollution and exploitation.  Studying international corporate law will enable me to better understand how companies’ could be beneficial and how to redress their shortcomings.  

As part of the Russell Group of universities, I was certain that a degree from Leeds would make a big difference from any other university.

My experience
My experience at the university was indelible. I had good relationship with my lecturers and personal tutors. I made new friends with people of various nationalities and such relationships will always remain.

The course was interesting and stimulating and exceeded my expectations. The staff were among the best in their fields and this increases your confidence to go out there and operate.

The academics in the School of Law were superb; they were always ready to meet students at any time with the best advice. My personal tutors for both undergraduate and postgraduate were outstanding. They were helpful in enlightening me to the English culture.

The facilities were first class even for modern times. I would advise everyone to visit the new law school, the Liberty Building and the libraries.

Leeds life
Leeds is a modern capital city with every aspect of city life inclusive. Night life at weekends provides an aside for students from the hectic student life.

Since graduation
I have been working since I finished my studies. My experience at Leeds has improved my communication and international skills and developed skills such as critical thinking and planning.

I hope to take back home (Sierra Leone) the experience and gains acquired from both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Leeds and I am proud to belong to such a powerful institution.

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