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Louise Hewitt

LLM International Trade Law | 2010 - 2011

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About me
I live in Guildford, and went to school at St George’s College in Weybridge, where I studied Art, English and History at A Level.

I am currently working as a paralegal in an Intellectual Property firm in London, with a view to becoming a Trademark attorney.

My motivation to study
I thoroughly enjoyed studying Greek Civilisation and History for my first degree at the University of Leeds. During my third year I realised I was not entirely sure which career path I wanted to take.

As I had enjoyed my undergraduate years so much I decided to carry on studying at Leeds, and complete a LLM degree in International Business Law.

I was mainly drawn to the university because of the town, which has everything you need but is small enough to get to know very well, which made me feel at home straight away.

The feeling of the University was much the same due to the big warm welcome received on my first visit. All the tutors were very friendly and showed enthusiasm, which confirmed that I would be very well supported throughout my studies.

My experience
My experience at the University of Leeds was very enjoyable and I have no regrets about choosing it as a place to study for four years.

It is a very vibrant University; there is always something to get involved in. There is a strong feeling of community around the University, which makes the transition from leaving school to moving away very easy.

The course
Before I started my LLM at Leeds I was slightly worried I would be out of my depth, having never studied law before, but as I started my classes the enthusiasm of all my tutors made me feel more confident.

It was extremely fulfilling learning a completely new subject, and all my seminars were interesting and thought provoking.

The amount of help and guidance given by the staff within the University is unquestionable. Support was felt throughout my career at the University at all times. I never felt like there was any question too silly or small to ask my tutors, and their enthusiasm made asking questions about essays or something I hadn’t quite grasped a pleasure.

The facilities at the University are also very good. The union (LUU) has everything you could possibly need, including a hair salon and opticians. I was also very impressed with the libraries – a huge array of books and the staff are very helpful.  The lecture halls and seminar rooms are equipped with modern IT facilities.

Since graduation
Since graduating I have started work as a paralegal. My LLM set me up perfectly for work, not just because I had another qualification, but because I was always encouraged to get involved in seminars, giving me the confidence to not worry so much about saying something wrong.

The Careers Centre at Leeds was also a great help. They organise a great number of talks throughout the year to help with building CVs and practising interviews.  This prepared me well for applying for, and getting, a job. I went to a presentation by a Patent attorney, and this is how I discovered that I was interested in Intellectual Property law.

International Business Law at Leeds set me up for my career. I learnt a lot over the year, and if you have any worries or problems there is always someone willing to help you.

City life
I found the city very inviting. There are modern shops and shopping centres, an array of restaurants to cater for all, a theatre, several cinemas and some wonderful bars along the riverside. There is so much to do, and coming from a small town in the south it was nice to experience something completely different.

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