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Mandeep Kaur

LLB Law | 2009 - 2012

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I was born and raised in Manchester until I moved to Hull in 2003 (very unusual move) where I attended high school and completed my A levels just before studying Law at the University of Leeds (very northern background).

Why I chose Leeds
I come from an entrepreneurial family who work extremely hard, but none of them had ever been to University. As the youngest child I wanted to break out of this tradition and do something different. I always knew I would go to University and remained adamant on doing so throughout the course of my school and college years.

When it came to applying to UCAS I took a very unusual step and haven’t looked back since. At this stage I still did not know what I wanted to do at University, all I knew was that I wanted to go. Therefore I chose Law at Leeds as my first choice and hoped I would get the required grades. The only incentive I had to do Law at Leeds was my Law A level which I really enjoyed.

The reason I applied to Leeds was because I love my family too much and did not want to move too far from home. But my heart was telling me ‘it is now or never’. Again, I made a very uncommon and bold move. I had never been to Leeds or even seen the University. But I had heard many positive reviews about the place and spoke to a couple of students who were studying Law at Leeds (they are usually the best people to go to for advice).

I followed my intuition and can say without a doubt it has been one of the BEST decisions I have ever made. All the risk-taking I did as a young 18 year old college student really benefitted me because I really do love studying Law at the University.

Over the years of studying Law at College and University, my passion for this area of study has grown. It has been a tough journey so far but the knowledge and status you receive with studying such a complex and prestige degree are so rewarding.

The course
I first studied law at college. I was so gripped by this topic and how it affects so many aspects of life, from people’s relationships to property matters. It made me think of things I had never even thought to have questioned before. For example, if I walked past a drowning child and did NOT try to save them, I would not be held liable for my omission.

Morally, the right thing to do would be to save them right? Law has made me distinguish between what is morally right and wrong and compare this personal opinion to the logical ways of law.

As a result, I have become more open minded and tend to look at all dimensions of a problem before coming up with a conclusion. I hope to develop this outlook even further.

The School of Law
The learning facilities at the University of Leeds are great! There is something for everyone here which I feel ensures a good learning process.

I think the one thing alone that makes Leeds such an amazing place to study is the support staff. They genuinely care for students and are so friendly and helpful.

I came to Leeds as a young student straight from college and not only have I learnt a lot about the Law, but I have grown as a person. Studying Law here is a very special offer since it is amongst the highest ranks for undergraduates (and graduates) who seek to pursue a career in Law or any other field of expertise.

Outside of study
What I love about Leeds is that it has SO MUCH to offer outside of your academic studies. I had to take advantage of the Pro Bono opportunities available from the Law school by being involved in the Innocence Project, reading in the community, peer mentoring and being a Law school tour guide.

However, there is a lot to do outside the Law school as well! Leeds University Union is one of the best in the country and has hundreds of societies available to cater any student’s choice. For example, I am involved in the Sikh Society which is a great way to make friends outside the Law School too.

I always said ‘there is more to life than a degree’. Although studies are an essential part of life, it is also vital to relax and enjoy other character building activities. It is important to socialise with like-minded people and University has inspired me to travel more and see the world.

City life
Leeds is a perfect student city. Simply put, it is not a huge and overwhelming place and at the same time it is not so tiny and plain. It has the right balance of being a vibrant and active place which can still be peaceful and calm. Not to mention the locality of Leeds on the map is perfect!

One of my favourite attributes of Leeds is that everything is in one place. The University is located in such a convenient place, right down the road to the city centre. This makes life so much easier since EVERYTHING is within a walking distance. I have to point out that Leeds is also one of the safest places to live in and study which is a crucial feature for any person to live comfortably.

My aspirations
I cannot pin point a definite career which I can wholeheartedly say ‘that is for me and I will do that for the rest of my life’. But that is the advantage of being a Leeds School of Law graduate; the world is your oyster.

Graduating from a top University with all these amazing experiences on my CV, anything is possible.

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