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Manshan Singh

LLM International Corporate Law | 2012-2013

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About me
I began studying law at undergraduate level whilst at HELP University in Malaysia. During my course, I was fortunate to have the opportunity, in my final year, to transfer to the University of Leeds. After graduation I decided to pursue my LLM in International Corporate Law at the University.

Why I chose Law at Leeds

The University of Leeds is an excellent institution with a great reputation. After doing some research, I really liked the way the course was structured. I had the opportunity to learn many different disciplines in relation to corporate, banking and finance law. This was mainly attributed to the modular system on which the program operates as well as the vast array of subjects that the University offers.

My interest in corporate law was spurned by what was happening in the world at the time, namely the 2008 financial crisis. I paid close attention to the developments of the financial crises - which then led me to have a very strong interest with regards to the regulation of banks and corporations. During the LLM program, I found great joy in conducting research in these areas mainly because the subjects were relevant and were a true reflection of the happenings in the financial system.

I had the opportunity to learn from some of the leading academics in the areas of corporate, banking and finance law. It was amazing experience to have a chance to put my questions directly to these experts and I felt it was such a beneficial experience for me.

Outside of studying

I was always actively involved in the Leeds Hiking and Mountaineering Society from my undergraduate days. I had the opportunity to go on many treks all across England with the society. This was a great way for me, as international student, to see the country. I also had the opportunity to raise money for charity and climb Mount Kilimanjaro - which was a great experience. Above and beyond that, there were many social events as well as talks by academics from other European universities tailored especially for students doing the LLM.

Leeds is an excellent city. It has a very strong student population and there is always something fun to do; whether it be heading on a night out or shopping in the city.

My advice to prospective students

I would advise those considering to study at the University to do a lot of research pertaining to the course prior to arriving as it makes the course just that much more exciting. I would also suggest taking full advantage of the small class sizes especially in seminars to ask a lot of questions - professors are experts in their field and can really shed light on any issues or questions you may have.

My future

I intend to return to Malaysia to practice law there.

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