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Nicholas Timothy Omondi

LLM International Banking and Finance Law | 2010 - 2011

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About me
I graduated with an LLB in 2010 from Coventry University and chose to pursue a Masters degree immediately rather than proceed to the bar. This was due to the immense interest I cultivated in finance and the legal/economic issues surrounding it.

I am originally from Kenya and intend to return to pursue a career in corporate finance.

My motivation to apply to Leeds
I am immensely interested in the financial and legal worlds and the course I chose was a perfect combination of both. Beyond academic interest, the career path I am intent on requires a breadth of knowledge of both.

I chose Leeds for a number of reasons - I had always wanted to move to the north of England and for this course Leeds was highly rated. Leeds is the largest financial centre outside London and that offered a lot of exposure to the professional world while still studying.

My experience
My year in Leeds counts as the most memorable. The large student population, derived from every corner of the world, made for very interesting interactions due to the numerous perspectives and experiences brought by different people.

The student body through the union is vibrant and works hard to make everyone feel comfortable and makes sure everyone contributes to student life through different activities, clubs and societies. From this all I have developed strong and lasting friendships.

I immensely enjoyed a Scottish dancing class I took. I also enjoyed the organised trips into the Yorkshire countryside with visits to small towns and villages. And no student experience in Leeds is complete without an Otley run!

The University has world-class facilities. The new law faculty building is arguably the most modern and best equipped building on campus. Beside the very new buildings are some very old and beautiful ones keeping the University in touch with its heritage and that of the rest of the city.

The course
My course was very intellectually stimulating. It was different from the undergraduate in the independence allowed and in fact promoted independent learning. This allowed me to go beyond the prescribed content and develop my knowledge in other areas that interested me.

The professors were all incredibly helpful and I was impressed by the depth of their knowledge in their chosen fields. The topical nature of the course and their expertise meant I was interacting with some of the people who were influencing real world policy.

The staff were always helpful; with everything from advice in choosing modules to locating our pigeon-holes.  They were always helpful and extremely amiable.

Leeds life
Like the University, the city has an uncanny mix of the very old and new that work very well together - old world charm in a dynamic and modern city. I love that it is small yet has many facilities catering for different tastes, from the theatre to music and film, numerous restaurants with as many different cuisines. It all comes together to give a varied and rich experience.

Since graduation
I am now awaiting completion of the bar before going on into the working world.

Leeds provided me with more than just the knowledge required in my chosen career path; it also gave me confidence in dealing with a diverse array of people.

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