School of Law

Nishanti Ranee Noelpillai

LLB Law | 2011-2014

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About Me

I come from Borneo and am of Indian ethnicity. Having been in Leeds for two and a half years it now feels like home. I am very grateful for the friends I have made and the knowledge I’ve learnt as well as the day-to-day experiences of life in Leeds.

Why I Chose Law at Leeds

Leeds has an esteemed reputation and I enjoyed learning about the university from representatives who came and spoke to us in Malaysia. It was a non-complicated and non-stressful application process. I have always wanted to study law as I enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing my rights and helping unspoken voices of those who are unable to stand for their own rights.

My Course

The lecturers convey their passion for the subject and tutors always make time to speak to students. You are not alienated where the lecturers are just far-off figures who do not interact with students outside lecture times; they are very approachable and happy to help. I have enjoyed broadening my knowledge on how things work in the real world!

Learning Facilities and School Support

The school hosts many events that encourage you to think of your degree beyond exams and essays. It puts the knowledge you attain into context, which can be challenging but rewarding. The university has good library resources and practically unlimited study areas for the days where you need the motivation of others in focusing and studying together. If you ever struggle with your studies or personal life personal tutors are always able to advise you. Staff on the Student Education Desk are also very proactive in providing assistance and guidance.

Outside of Studying

In my first year I was involved in ballroom dancing and the Christian Union. The dancing was very exciting and a good way to relax after lectures and seminars. The Christian Union has welcoming people and I felt like I had a family in Leeds. There was much laughter and encouragement. The badminton courts and the gym helped me rekindle my childhood passion and I made many new friends through that- something I am very grateful for.

Life in Leeds

I enjoy the convenience of its close proximity to the university. The city centre is not too large and only a ten minutes walk from campus.

My Advice to Prospect Students

If you are willing to work hard the School of Law definitely honours that and helps students in any way they can. Even on a demanding day, I enjoy my lectures.

My Future Plans

I would like to work in international law or in the policy making sector. If the rights of people are at the heart of many international actions, I would like to contribute towards making that a reality rather than the ideal.

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