School of Law

Paul Axon

MSc Criminal Justice and Criminology | 2012-2013

Photo of Paul Axon

“As a professional working within the criminal justice system I had often had the nagging doubt; why are we doing this? My role involves working with young people who have committed crime and trying to get them back on track as well as protecting the public. Through completing the Masters programme I began to engage more thoughtfully and productively with the 'why' question. I developed new ideas for how to get things done in a more considered, research led way and gained confidence that some of my ideas were backed up by evidence and theory.

I found the learning environment at Leeds to be stimulating and extremely supportive- all the lecturers were clearly engaged with the study and brought huge amounts of experience and expertise. It was interesting to challenge some of the theoretical positions with more 'ground level' experience and lecturers were keen to engage in this debate. There was also a wealth of supporting materials available in each lecture to deepen my knowledge; the assessment process was tough but fair and stretched my abilities.

Overall the Masters was hugely satisfying and supported my development significantly. I would recommend anybody in a similar position to follow this study without reservation.

I am currently working as a Director of Targeted Young People's Services (Head of Youth Justice). Since completing the course I have been promoted twice in quick succession and I believe part of this success is due to the confidence and skills gained through the Masters programme. I have repeatedly been able to use knowledge of research to develop provision and attract additional funding, as well as being more assertive in stating the case for evidence based practice within services.”

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