School of Law

Paul Read

LLB Law | 2000-2003

Photo of Paul Read

Tell us about your career path since finishing at the School of Law?

I did the BVC, worked for Bloomberg for a while, bought a fish and chip shop, did the LPC, sold my fish and chip shop and came to Stowe Family Law as a trainee.

Give us a brief insight into your role and highlights so far?

Helped establish our London office. Now deal with extremely complex children matters often involving novel points of law. Usually successfully. Deal with all aspects of matrimonial finance.

How did you find studying at the School?

Very interesting. It deserves its reputation as one of the best.

Why did you want to study Law?

I don’t really know but family conversations suggest an enthusiasm for the law enunciated at a very early age. I think my Father always harboured a love for the law and though he wasn’t a lawyer, these things rub off.

If you would give any advice to students what would it be?

Do you really understand what a solicitor or barrister is and does. If you cannot honestly answer yes to that question then find out. Until you do you will be ill-equipped to decide if you want to be a lawyer and you will not perform well at any interview. Get work experience. Get a judge drunk and find out the gossip. Get an understanding. Do not try to become a lawyer because you like the idea.

What advice would you pass on to others?

Don’t think your life away. 

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