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Pol.Lt.Col.Chitphol Kanchanakit

LLM Cyberlaw: Information Technology, Law and Society | 2009 - 2010

Photo of Pol.Lt.Col.Chitphol  Kanchanakit

About me

I have a BA Public Administration from the Royal Police Cadet Academy and a Masters in Political Science & International Law from Chulalongkorn University and Monash University, Australia, respectively.  

I also have a PhD in Political Science from Chulalongkorn University, which I received in 2004. For more than 15 years, I have worked for the Royal Thai Police which has provided me with an opportunity to learn more about domestic and transnational crime.

Currently, I work as a Deputy Superintendent of Interpol sub-division, Foreign Affairs Division, the Royal Thai Police. My work oversees the coordination and collaboration with Interpol members and foreign police in investigating transnational crime committed both in Thailand and other countries.

My motivation to study

Working with Interpol Bangkok in transnational crime prevention urged me to seek more knowledge in criminal justice and laws overseas. I was successful in obtaining the Chevening scholarship to study in the UK, and I wanted to find a prestigious university which offered an IT Law course. The School of Law appealed to me because of the reputation it has for excellence.

Furthermore, the School of Law has existed for over 100 years, which gave me trust in the academic teaching and experience of the staff.

My time at Leeds

Studying at the School of Law taught me to understand the differences between the educational systems of Thailand and Britain. Not only did I study hard in the field of computer law and policy which was very new to me, but I also had great opportunities to learn about British culture and made many friends.  

The University has many societies and clubs that students can choose to participate in. I feel very happy to be a member of the University of Leeds and this will be in my memory forever.

Leeds is a fantastic city which attracts visitors and students from around the world. It is great for shopping and there are lots of good restaurants. I always felt safe and happy staying in Leeds.

My course

The course was outstanding! It enables students to learn and gain current knowledge of criminal justice, law and policy relating to computer offences both in civil and criminal matters. As a result of the advancement of computer technology, the course is designed to cover various aspects of social and legal issues, namely criminology, management, intellectual property, laws and policy. Students have a good opportunity to adapt their basic knowledge into the course although they have never learnt about the computer programme. Furthermore, not only do students obtain knowledge of cyber legal issues in the UK, but they also study on an international level.      

After graduation

I have now returned to Thailand to continue to work for the Royal Thai Police. My degree helps me to familiarise myself with the technical terms of cybercrime and other issues of computer law every day and when assigned to deal with computer crimes, I apply what I learnt at Leeds.

As a result, I am often invited by lecturers of the Royal Police Cadet Academy and many universities to teach students in this field. Studying at Leeds has provided me with a great opportunity and brought about a big change in my life.

One year in Leeds, although a very short time, exposed me to a new world both in academic and real life terms, which I have never known before. Every minute in Leeds was valuable time for me in experiencing the ways of life that differs from that in Thailand. British people and culture taught me to adjust myself from oriental to western style which helped me to apply such experiences to Thai society when I returned home.

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