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Rebecca Swales

LLB Law | 2010 - 2013

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About me

After completing my A levels in Leeds, I decided to commence studying for a history degree at Manchester. For various reasons I came to the conclusion that the degree was not for me and left after a couple of months. I spent four years in full time employment, firstly in the financial services and secondly in the recruitment industry. I own my own home and I work part time for my family business.

Why I chose Leeds

I was attracted to studying law entirely by accident as I hadn’t thought of it as an option before. It was whilst working in the recruitment industry making amendments to employment contracts and working on some cases that went to Employment Tribunals, that I developed an appetite to take my sudden interest in law further. I applied to Leeds because I wanted to remain at home whilst studying and it was handy to have a highly reputable University and Law School on my doorstep.

My interest in Law

I came to my studies with little understanding of what the law is and I truly did not know what to expect. Firstly the degree has surpassed my expectations in terms of how fascinating and challenging it is. Secondly and perhaps most importantly, it has made me realise just how important law is in everyday life. It permeates every aspect of our lives and in many ways by studying it I felt as if I had unlocked a box as a lot of features of our society and the world started to fall into place.

The course

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course so far and I am now in my final semester. Highlights in particular have been studying criminal law and family law. I am most looking forward to seeing my dissertation on forced marriage finished and handed in, as this will be the pinnacle of my degree and has been an excellent opportunity to write about something that I have chosen.

Support for students

I have found my personal tutor and other tutors to be extremely approachable and ready to answer any questions about modules, the course or career aspirations. In particular I received great support when I had to do a presentation last summer outside of term.  There are also many events with employers provided for law students, in order to help and support them in trying to find training contracts and jobs after their degree finishes.  I would recommend that students’ sign up for activities run by the School as these are invaluable on job applications and are a great way to gain and develop skills that employers are looking for.

Leeds as a city

Leeds is my hometown. I like the fact that the city centre can offer a great night life, shopping experience and excellent restaurants but within thirty minutes you can be out in the countryside and exploring the Yorkshire Dales.

My advice for students

 The skills that you gain from studying law will take you a long way, not just whilst doing the degree but also beyond – such skills as problem solving, analytical skills, communicative skills, initiative, attention to detail, organisational skills and teamwork will help you in law-related jobs but are also transferable and thus will apply in any industry.  If you are interested in not just what the law says but why it says that and whether it should, then I would recommend applying. Studying law is definitely not easy, but if you like to be stimulated and are hard-working this would be a great degree to do. 

 My future

Once I have graduated I will be taking up my place at the College of Law in York to study the LPC. I aspire to be a solicitor and I have secured a training contract with the Government Legal Service which is due to commence in September 2014.


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