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Rose Muraguri

LLM International Banking and Finance Law | 2013-2014

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About Me

I recently completed my LLB at University of Leeds and decided to pursue postgraduate study in the School of Law. I am from the beautiful and sunny country of Kenya and enjoy swimming and writing.

Why I Chose International Banking and Finance at Leeds

I generated a particular interest in the programme because of the modules that were on offer. They cover a wide range of highly relevant and interesting topics that are not only related to law but to trade and business as well. I am very interested in learning about the international institutions and regulations that provide a framework for all countries. Leeds is one of the few universities that offers this particular programme and having very much enjoyed my time here for undergraduate studies, the choice to stay on came quite naturally.

My Passion For The Subject

Since high school I have had a passion for development related issues and this encouraged me to pursue studies in law because the rule of law is essential in any country. I became particularly interested in law as a facilitator and regulator of trade and commerce and how law can provide and enhance business activities leading to economic and social development. This programmee offers a chance to study international best practices and global solutions to global problems in areas such as bank regulation and company activities.

My programme

I have found the programme to be highly engaging and particularly enjoy seminars. They have been a highly useful avenue for gaining further insight from staff who are experts in their fields and for facilitating discussions that open your mind to viewpoints from other students. It has been exciting meeting and talking to students from all over the world; whose perspectives have enriched the learning environment and made this a truly international experience.

Learning Facilities and School Support

The University offers a wide range of learning facilities and I have found the IT facilities particularly useful. The Liberty Building provides a space to bring together all law students as well as the staff and this is highly valuable. The postgraduate common room provides a functional space to work in between classes. The wide range of access to materials and the increasing availability of e-resources and online materials have been helpful.

The student support offered by the School is excellent. The personal tutor system has been particularly beneficial as a means of gaining feedback on academic progress as well as offering an opportunity to gain the necessary support. The support staff are organised and willing to help with everything from timetabling to personal development and careers.

Outside of Studying

I was a member of the Staff-Student Forum throughout my undergraduate studies and this provided a great avenue for interacting with other students and staff with the aim of improving the school. I have also been a Green Representative at the university accommodation and it was exciting to work with the Residents committee in campaigning and encouraging recycling.

The University's gym, The Edge provides a wide range of activities to try; I have attended Zumba dance classes, played squash and enjoy swimming. There is an activity for everyone and it provides a useful outlet away from academic work and as a means of staying healthy.

I enjoyed the International Students Club trip to York as well as the trips organised by the International Students office. The Christian Union (CU) organises activities from outreach weeks to a beautiful carol concert in December. The CU is a wonderful place to make friends.

Life in Leeds

Leeds is a beautiful, student friendly city. It is big enough to offer all the amenities associated with large cities and yet still maintains a personal touch that can all too easily be lost in larger cities. The parks offer a beautiful place to picnic over summer and the Christmas lights are beautiful in winter.

My Advice to Prospective Students

I would encourage them to ensure that they are interested in this area of study and to be comfortable with the fact that there is a higher degree of independent study at this level.

My Future Plans

I look forward to working in the area of regulation in both trade and the financial industry. I hope to be part of the community of people who are working towards building my country Kenya.

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