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Ryan Marwood

LLB Law | 2010 - 2013

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About Me

I am originally from Leeds and have thus lived here for the last 21 years. I am a very sporty person and have a season ticket at Leeds United. I also play guitar and spend a lot of time writing music.

Why I Chose Law at Leeds

I realised that I wanted to study law just after my GCSEs; I found the subject fascinating and wanted to find out more. I was most interested in the idea of copyrighting musical lyrics and therefore looked into it and my interest grew from there. I initially didn’t plan on applying to Leeds because I wanted to leave the city but after properly looking around the campus, hearing about the new Liberty Building and finding out more about the course, it convinced to stay. I find Law to be extremely interesting and exciting and it is this that spurs me on to try and further my knowledge of the subject.

My experience on the course

Having just graduated and looking back upon my time, I absolutely loved the course. I most enjoyed the Intellectual Property module as I found it to be extremely intellectually stimulating. At the same time, I loved the Criminal Law module as I found that it enabled me to apply my studies to the real world; I was able to relate my studies to what I was seeing on the news.

University Facilities and School Support

In my opinion the learning facilities at the University are second to none. The libraries have a fantastic range of books and journals that can be utilised for essays or to further your own study. At the same time, the School provide the students with access to Lexis Nexis and Westlaw, which are enormous databases of case law, journals, and Legislation. These are invaluable throughout your studies.

The student support is one of the best aspects of the School in my opinion as all of the staff are willing and ready to help in any way possible. You are able to see them in person during office hours, alternatively you can e-mail anytime and they will try to help you in some capacity or point you in the right direction.

Outside of Studying

There are lots of extra curricular activities available to students to spruce up the days of working such as Mooting, Pro Bono voluntary work and sports teams. I joined the Law Society football team in my first year and have played for them throughout my time at University. It was fantastic to be able to play football regularly and also meet new people and have some great nights out. I also partook in the University Negotiating Competition, which involves you representing a client and trying to ascertain the best deal for them. I found this to be not only fun but it also prepared me for life as a Solicitor as I developed skills that will be utilised in my future vocation.

Leeds as a city

I am slightly biased on the subject but I think Leeds is a fantastic city that is only getting better. We have a great nightlife as well as great shopping opportunities and now a brand new concert arena too. Everything is accessible and easy to find and we do house the greatest football team on the planet, which is a bonus.

My advice to prospective students

I would tell them to apply as soon as you can because the course is extremely interesting, rewarding and you are in a fantastic city. On a more serious note, I would recommend trying to find some work experience in the legal sector because it helped me to confirm that it was what I wanted to do in life. Plus it looks good on your personal statement!

My Future 

I am planning on doing the Legal Practice Course at the BPP Law School in Leeds city centre with a view to being an Intellectual Property Solicitor down the line; although at the moment I am enjoying a bit of freedom.

I wouldn’t change anything about my last three years; they have been the best experience of my life and I wish I could do it all again!

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