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Sabrina Polak

LLB Law | 2008 - 2011

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Why I chose Law at Leeds

I have always liked a challenge and therefore Law was a subject that appealed to me. From a young age, I wanted to be a Family Law Barrister – a Law degree was the pre-requisite to this!

I chose the University of Leeds for a number of reasons. My great grandmother was from Leeds and it was therefore a city that I was used to visiting and liked. Additionally, my elder brother and sister went to the University of Leeds and I thus felt that I had a connection to the University. The University has a good reputation for Law and this was another persuasive factor in choosing Leeds.

My experience

I had a wonderful experience at University and a great three years. I enjoyed making great friends and obtaining a first class degree. One of my highlights was taking part and winning the final of the University of Leeds Senior Years Mooting Competition in 2011.

The course

I felt that the tutors were approachable and were always there to book appointments with to discuss any areas of the course that I was having difficulty with. I thought that my course was taught well and gave me the knowledge of the Law which I was able to build upon during the Bar Professional Training Course and now in my professional career at the Bar.

Student support

I arranged meetings with different tutors over my three years at Leeds when I felt unsure about a particular point of Law. The tutors were happy to take the time to go through what I was uncertain about which made me confident in approaching my essays and exams.

The staff within the School of Law were not only extremely helpful during my degree, but also following its completion. I contacted tutors when doing pupillage applications to discuss new aspects of the Law and to ensure that I was up to date with any developments. Staff members were very supportive and guided me in my research.

The facilities at the Leeds

The University as a whole offers so much! It has a great Student’s Union and there are plenty of societies to get involved with. Those who study Law benefit from the new modern ‘Liberty Building’. The library and online legal resources are excellent and offers the opportunity to develop research skills.

Life in Leeds

Leeds is a vibrant city to live in. Shopping is great and there are many nice restaurants and bars!

My future

Since graduating from the University of Leeds, I completed the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) to become a barrister. My Law degree from the reputable University of Leeds provided me with the foundations of the knowledge that I needed to complete the BPTC. I am now a pupil at Leeds Parklane Plowden Chambers and I hope to gain a tenancy. It is my aim to build up a specialist practice of Family Law and Court of Protection work. I also look forward to hopefully writing books and journal articles on topical interests of the law. The legal research skills that I developed while at Leeds are extremely useful now that I am in practice.

Advice for current students

For a career in Law, work experience is essential. Whether you hope to become a solicitor or a barrister, it is crucial that your CV contains work experience. It is extremely competitive to obtain a Training Contract or a Pupillage and therefore you need to be able to stand out. Work experience is something that can definitely stand out on paper and provides a talking point for interviews. For those looking towards a career at the Bar, I strongly advise you to get involved in the mooting competitions. Mooting is invaluable experience!
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