School of Law

Xiao Su

LLM International Business Law | 2010 - 2011

About me
I have an interesting and synthetic education background. I studied economic crime investigation and criminal law before my postgraduate degree.  And a year ago (Sep 2010), I came to the School of Law at the University of Leeds to study the LLM International Business Law.  I am now a trainee in a Chinese law firm.

My motivation to study
Before I came to Leeds, I was a first year postgraduate in a well-known Chinese university. There was a programme held by my alma mater and the University of Leeds.  That programme attracted me, because I thought I could learn new knowledge, enrich my life and experience different cultures.

My experience
I learnt valuable knowledge and advanced my English skills during my time at the School of Law. As well as that, I met many interesting people and made lots of friends.

The tutors in the School are very kind. I always felt like I could ask for advice.  I would like to pay a compliment to them for their help.

The facilities on our campus are modern and convenient. The Liberty Building has lots of special features and facilities for the disabled.

Leeds life
Life in Leeds is very comfortable. You can enjoy yourself there. It was just like I heard before I arrived; Leeds, Live it, love it!

I always miss the life there. I must come back if I have time in the future.

Since graduation
Once I finished my course, I came back to China to continue my postgraduate study here. And at the same time, I am working as a trainee in a law firm. I really appreciate my experiences at Leeds, which are useful for my future career.

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