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Xu Junkai

LLM International Banking and Finance Law | 2011 - 2012

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About me
I am from Shanghai in China which is a city full of energy and surprise. I did my undergraduate courses in the East China University of Political Science and Law, and I am now a postgraduate student undertaking the LLM International Banking and Finance Law.

Why I applied to study at Leeds
The UK is the cradle of the Common Law system. My past study in the City University of Hong Kong stimulated my interest in the Common Law system. Besides, the UK possesses rich culture and tremendous history as well.

As one of the most prestigious universities in UK, the University of Leeds is an ideal place to further my legal study and to experience British culture.

My passion for Law
My original interest in studying law was inspired by the sense of justice and my belief in the rule of law. Later, my undergraduate study which majored in International Economic Law proved my genuine interest in studying law.

Meanwhile, through some conversations with lawyers and partners of various law firms, my goal of becoming a lawyer has been strengthened.

My experience
I enjoy all the challenges in the modules that I have taken. I love getting insight into brand new knowledge which calls for broad research and reading.

The learning facilities both in the School and at the University are very equipped. There are various reading environments in the two main libraries, and you can always find a place where you would like to study.

The Postgraduate Common Room in Law School (Liberty Building) offers a good place for students to communicate with each other. The most impressive thing is that there is always someone who is ready to help. From language to daily life, from library skills to essay guidance, all this advice and guidance is accessible simply by making an appointment with a member of staff.

It is amazing to meet friends from all over the world. In class discussion, I am often inspired by some thoughts that I have never come up with due to different cultural background and perspective.

Out of class, I have learned many interesting foreign customs and cultures.

City life
Leeds is a fascinating city, it has a busy city centre with access to almost everything you could want to buy. The landscape in its suburban area is also fantastic.

Outside of study
Both the School of Law and Leeds University Union (LUU) provide various extracurricular activities that allow me to get the most out of my life in Leeds.

I have become a member of Leeds University Law Society, and have participated in academic lectures and the mooting competition.

The School also arranged a visit to the Leeds Combined Court Centre, which has enabled me to understand further the English court system.

Furthermore, I have participated in social activities organised by the University so that I can further my understanding of British university culture and UK culture as a whole. I also have got a part time job as a Mandarin teacher in the Confucius Language Academy.

In my spare time, I like travelling in the UK and other parts of Europe. Utilizing the time of long holidays and weekends, I have already been to many places.

For instance, during the Christmas, I went to Switzerland to ski and to Southern France to visit the sea and the beach. On weekends, I sometimes arrange a trip to different cities in England and Scotland.

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