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Yan Wang

LLM International Trade Law | 2011 - 2012

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About me
I come from Henan in China.  I finished my undergraduate study in East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) where I majored in International Economic Law.

In addition to English, I chose French as my second foreign language to widen my sphere of knowledge.

Why I chose Leeds
Firstly, described as ‘a top redbrick university ‘, the University of Leeds has a great reputation with its strong intellectual tradition.  Secondly, the modules organised are motivating and challenging, which enable students to improve themselves by constant learning and thinking.

Moreover, it provides us with a perfect environment where teachers are willing to help and students are willing to share.

My passion for Law
To start with, law plays a key role in our society by providing rules and regulations for people, which could make all men equal before the law. I love helping people, so I enjoy law as my major.

In addition, with the development of economics and potential conflicts between different countries, more and more claims have been brought to the WTO panel, which has increased the need of talents in this particular area where I am interested in.

My time at Leeds
The course here is motivating, thus I could obtain new knowledge from each seminar. I enjoyed the group discussions with my classmates. Classmates may come from different countries with different studying backgrounds by which makes the discussion interesting!  In the discussion part, the lecturers are helpful for they may provide new ideas for us.

Students here are willing to learn and most of them tend to think dependently and raise questions actively in class. Moreover, there is no tutor-student gap and the staffs are always friendly. I can obtain useful guidance and suggestions from them.

The learning facilities are well-equipped, the Liberty Building offers an excellent environment for students to share their ideas and practice their presentations. All rooms are new and clean and the common room for postgraduate students is amazing, with computers provided.  

At the university, I enjoy studying in computer clusters and different libraries. The libraries can always provide materials what I need.  Also, I like the (online) portal very much. I can find whatever I want about the university, from campus activities to study. It is really well-designed.

Leeds life
Leeds is a city with a friendly environment and colourful culture. It is convenient for students to go shopping and dining out.  Also, Leeds is rich in culture and arts including music, dance or theatre.

A night out in Leeds is difficult to beat.  It is a good chance for us to relax and meet new friends.

Outside of study
There are various activities for students to take part in. I enjoyed the Give It a Go programme (at the Students' Union) and the Global Café . They all provide the opportunities for international students to make new friends and experience new cultures.

Also, I have taken part in the Postgraduate Society where we could share ideas, have fun and get involved in research projects.  As a postgraduate, I love this society since it provides exactly what I want!

Also, the Edge is a great place for sports lovers. You can book courses online – I like the Yoga class!

Besides studying, travelling is my favourite thing to do. I have visited many cities in England, such as London, Bath, Manchester and so on. It is also a unique opportunity for students in UK to travel to the Continental European countries. Travelling throughout Europe has broadened my horizon and helps me gradually comprehend the cultures in different countries.

Once I have completed my course, I would like to practice in a law firm in China. It would be the start of my career.

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