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Yunyi Wang

LLM International Banking and Finance Law | 2011 - 2012

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About me
I'm from Shanghai in China. I completed my undergraduate study in East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL), where I was major in Civil and Business Law with a second degree of finance.

Why I wanted to study at Leeds
First of all, the University of Leeds enjoys a reputation of high quality in education with a long history.

It has an excellent friendly environment for international students who may have ‘culture shock’ the first time they come abroad.

Thirdly, the courses offered enable students to develop an open-minded attitude towards the cutting-edge thoughts of the world.

My passion for Law
It’s a world of fast-changing revolution. Especially in areas of business and finance, it is not only connected to the future of the world, it is also connected to every single person in their daily life.

I’m fascinated about it because law and regulations play a fundamental role in forming our future and learning from our past.

Law is also a combination of classic and avant-garde. Besides, I grew up in a family that both my parents studied law during their college time, under their influences I always wanted to dedicate myself to this area.

My experience
Every seminar I took was a surprise. That’s why I never missed one of them! Sometimes it was the professor who raised the idea that I barely knew about or the thinking of the current affairs that explained the rationale behind the scene.

Sometimes it was the students who came from different backgrounds who contributed to the discussion, which was full of fun!

I love the interactions I had with all my professors and classmates during the course. And I’m sure that I’m going to miss it for the rest of my life!

The facilities
The learning facilities are fantastic! The University is so retro and vintage while the School of Law is a newly developed building offering students a convenient environment for study and socialise. The common areas and even the Parkinson Steps are good places for students to share ideas.

There is also a lot of computer clusters and the amazing library. And what I quite liked is the VLE system (Virtual Learning Environment), it encompasses all aspects of information we need with a simple and straightforward design.

Studying in Leeds
First of all, I’ve gained a lot of first-handed knowledge from the University. The University cultivated me in different spheres. Apart from my enhanced professional quality, I’m now capable to view things in different perspectives. I’m more equipped to face challenges and handle problems and optimistic about my future. Besides, I’ve gained supportive friendship which is encouraging.

City life
Leeds is an elegant city with beautiful scenery. It is a commercial city where girls can enjoy every high street fashion store and guys could treat themselves in various bars and clubs. The restaurants are amazing. Chinese food, Italian food, Thai food, everything you need.

It’s also a city with a culture feast. There are various shows and concerts among which the movie festival attracts a lot of people. The weather is…good, if it is a day with sunshine. Everyone, I believe, could find something appealing to them in Leeds.

Outside of study
There is a variety of activities available.  What I took part in was the international cultural ambassador programme. It was a key activity held by students. You can have access to experience different social and culture activities that will enrich your understanding towards diversity and homogeneity.

In addition to that, I was a volunteer in the International Student Club. It’s a welcoming family for all students in Leeds. You can meet new friends here and communicate with people from all over the world.
I enjoyed swimming in the Edge, dinning out with my friends, shopping and going to various concerts and shows. And part of my life was being as a volunteer, I’ve met a lot of people, many who have become my friends.

After graduation
Once I have finished my LLM, I'm going to apply for a doctorate degree at the University of Leeds.

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