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Alfirjani Abuzayan
Treatment of Diplomatic Envoys in International Law with Special Reference to Law and Practice in Islam

Rizwan Ahmad
Legal framework for the protection of minority shareholders in limited companies: Case study of Pakistan

Ana Laura Aiello
Institutionalised and deinstitutionalised intellectually disabled persons in Europe

Mohammad Menwer Al-Mutairi
Constitutionalising Executive powers in Kuwait with reference to the UK's laws and experience

Saleh Alamer
Title to be confirmed

Suhail Almerdas
Saudi Legal Response to Cybercrime on the National and International Levels

Ahmed Almutawa
Encountering and Combating Terrorism and Religious Radicalism with Respect to Terrorism Financing in the GCC

Abdulmalik M Altamimi
The Challenge of Enforcing the Rulings of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body, by Ensuring Prompt Compliance and Timely Implementation, in High Profile Cases (An Interactional Account)

Brahma Astagiri
Indonesia Witness Protection System: Lesson to Comparative Jurisdiction


Elvin Balajanov
Responses to cybercrime in Azerbaijan with special reference to the United Kingdom

Adam Buick
An Analysis of the Protection of Pharmaceutical Test Data as Intellectual Property and its Impact on Access to Medicine

Sean Butcher
Civilian Activation in Policing Plurality: A theoretical and ethnographic analysis of volunteer citizen patrol schemes in England and Wales


Chu Van Dung
The Investigation of Transnational Crime in Vietnam: With Reference to England and Wales and the European Union

Hye-in Chung
A critical study on the changes in the characteristics of probation system in South Korea after the introduction of GPS electronic monitoring system

Andrea Combe
Extra-legal factors in litigation outcomes: the impact of solicitors’ decision making on outcomes in employment litigation

Laura Connelly
The Governance of Sex Trafficking: Law Enforcement and Non-Governmental Organisations’ Anti-Trafficking Responses in the UK


Mr Tat Dung Dang
The Participation of the Civil Society Organisation in the Legislative Process in Vietnam with Lessons from the United Kingdom

Kevin De Sabbata
Decision making capacity and severe dementia in law and practice in England, Germany and Italy

Chris Dietz
Jurisdiction in gender recognition: governing legal embodiment


Magali Eben
Assessing markets and abusive behaviour in online platforms: developing guidelines based on EU and US principles.

Ben Ellis
Being Feared: Micro dynamics of fear and insecurity in global city spaces

Alicia A Epstein
The European Approach to Sustainable Food Security: Is the Law Keeping us Secure?


Norhasliza Binti Ghapa
Consumer legal protection in cross border tourism industry

Liliana Soto Gomez
Biobanking: An ethical/legal proposal for Mexico

Rick Graham
Jury interpretation of DNA evidence presented in court

Diana Grech
Innocent Until Proven Guilty: A Comparison of Bail Court Culture in England and Wales and Canada


Khadijeh Hamidian
Intellectual property and human rights

Rosie Harding
Conflict and Complementarities: A Critical Analysis of Rights Assertion in Japanese Law and Culture

Jeremy M. Harmer
Is Internet Privacy Doomed? An international, comparative study.

Jennifer Healy
Who pays for public policing? Exploring the shifting boundaries of responsibility for the provision of ‘public’ policing

Marina Himoni
European Consumer Law: A Law for the Consumer or the Internal Market? The Case of the Consumer Rights Directive and its application to the UK and Cypriot regimes

Yi Huang
Adult guardianship reform in the context of Article 12 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and human rights in China.


Taskin Iqbal
Enlightened Shareholder Value, Non-Member Stakeholders and Corporate Social Responsibility

Ahmad Faizol bin Ismail
The Principles of Shariah Governance as Practiced by The Islamic Financial Institutions


Wan Mohd Asnur Bin Wan Jantan
International Framework for Islamic Finance

Lee Johnson
Understanding assaults on police officers - An ethnography of violence against police officers


Veli Kaplan
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Global AML Policies

Byron Karemba
From House of Lords to Supreme Court: An Investigation into the Potential Emergence of a Constitutional Court in the United Kingdom

Sabah Khedir
The legal system for sport sponsorship contract, along with its legal consequences. An analytical and comparative study in the light of the contract law

Ashley Kilgallon
Liaison-Based Approaches to Public Order Policing: an ethnographic study into police use of dialogue


Jae Young Lee
Under What Conditions Can Bona Fide Regulatory Expropriation Be Justified in International Law?

Zhihui Li
The Problem of Executive Remuneration and Its Regulation

Longjie Lu
Comparing Regulations of Bankers’ Remuneration in the UK and China: Do Current Regulatory Systems Work?

Lerong Lu
The Regulation of Private Lending in China


Jess Mant
LASPO, Families and Structural Vulnerability

Ian D. Marder
Coordinating and delivering restorative justice practices in the English and Welsh criminal justice process: Comparing localised approaches

Scott Marsden
Alcohol and Temperance in the British Armed Forces 1830-1950

Rebekah Mason
Plain/Standardised Packaging Legislation: The Right to Property and its Conflict with the Public Health Dimension of Smoking

Mukhriz Mat Rus
Criminalization Approach in Malaysia’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy


Neda Nobari Nazari
Preventative Counterterrorism Policing: Impact of Community Engagement on Public Cooperation


Adekemi Omotubora
Electronic Payments, Electronic Commerce and Development: A Comparative Study of the Legal Frameworks for Security and Privacy in Electronic Payment Systems in Nigeria and the UK


Ishmail Pamsm-Conteh
Assessing the extent to which the Special Court for Sierra Leone achieved the objectives of United Nations Security Council resolution 1315(2000).

Amrisha Pandey
'Governance of Water as a Natural Resource: Case Study of India

Jo Pattinson
Cyberbullying amongst young people- is education based regulation sustainable?

Alex Louise Pearl
‘Calling the Shots: Support to Exercise Legal Capacity in Contractual and Financial Decision-Making for Adults with Learning Disabilities In England and the Implications of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2008)’

Caroline Penn
Home Detention Curfew: an analysis of the processes involved for prison staff and prisoners

Mia Pickard
How does the custody setting accommodate for the needs of people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? A study of custody officer and civilian custody staff awareness of ASD.

Deborah Platts-Fowler
‘Beyond the Riots’ - Policing Social Disorder and Urban Unrest


Wayne Ramwell
An “Entrenched” Bill of Rights for the United Kingdom?

Louisa Riches
The purpose and function of the United Nations Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review for states in crisis.

Diane Ryland
Animal Welfare in Agriculture: Public (EU) and Private Standards of Relative Assurance?


Johanna Schönhöfer
Retroactive Effects of Crime Control and Prevention on Social Solidarity: A cross-national Study of Europe

Shatha Shannag
A Comparative Analysis of Trade Mark Dilution in Jordan, EU and USA

Emmanuel Oluwasina Sotande
Development of Good Governance and Rule of Law between Regional Pressures and International Regime: Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Laws in Nigeria

Christina Valeska Straub
Love as human virtue and human need and its role in (rethinking) rehabilitation, the prison experience and desistance - A qualitative exploratory study


Andrea Tara-Chand
Sustainable Community Resilience. An exploration of the role of social networks in generating transformation

Heidarali Teimouri
The responsibility to protect and international intervention in Libya in 2011

David Thompson
Circles of Support and Accountability: Countering the Risk Discourse?

Peter Traynor
Pathways into and out of knife use: young people’s motivations, rationales and experiences of carrying/using knives.


Negar West
The directors' duties to companies in Iran: what imperfections exist and what could be done by way of improvement.

Ms Pippa Wilding
To regulate or not to regulate? A critical evaluation into the regulation of agricultural land use in relation to conservation and biodiversity and the need for reform.

George Wilson
PhD Candidate in Law


Alison (Lu) Xu
Party Autonomy in Proprietary Rights of Movables – from the perspective of conflict of laws


Ningyao Ye
The deposit insurance system after the global financial crisis: A comparative study between UK, US and China

Woong Jang Yoon
A socio-legal analysis of the development and use of compulsory pharmacological orders for sex offenders in South Korea

Norhisyam Yusof
The Law of Anti-human Trafficking in Malaysia with Reference to the United Kingdom


Ilaria Zavoli
In Absentia Proceedings and International Criminal Justice. Foundations, Operation and Future Perspectives

Yige Zu
An ideal VAT for China

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