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Research Student: Chris Dietz

Jurisdiction in gender recognition: governing legal embodiment

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My research discusses possible alternatives to the UK Gender Recognition Act 2004 on the tenth anniversary of its enactment. Taking ‘the Danish model’ of gender recognition as a case study, I am considering the allocation of jurisdiction in this new legislation with a view to developing a greater understanding of legal embodiment.

I am a Teaching Assistant for the School of Law, leading seminars on the third year core module Jurisprudence LAW3120.

Published Research

Chris Dietz and Julie Wallbank, '‘Square peg, round hole?’: The legal regulation of Plus Two Parent Families' in Nicola Barker and Daniel Monk (eds), From Civil Partnership to Same-Sex Marriage: Interdisciplinary Reflections (Routledge 2015).

Julie Wallbank and Chris Dietz, ‘Lesbian mothers, fathers and other animals: is the political personal in multiple parent families?’ (2013) 25(4) Child and Family Law Quarterly 451.

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