School of Law

Research Student: Sabah Khedir

The legal system for sport sponsorship contract, along with its legal consequences. An analytical and comparative study in the light of the contract law

Photo of Sabah Khedir

Sport activities have become an important industry around the world in the last few decades. Sport nowadays is a product of and successfully marketed and packaged as such in a variety of lucrative means. Therefore, companies compete to involve their brands and logos with sport activities through sponsorship contract. The completion between companies contributes to increase the amount of expenditure on sport sponsorship. This expenditure has marketed with sport as a major recipient.

There is no doubt that the relationship between sponsorship parties indicated through the sponsorship contract, because this contract indicate the rights and the obligations of the stakeholders. However, sporting completion is often likely to involve a number of relationships including different interests. There is a web of relationships and interests contribute to increase the amount of disputes and conflicts.

The research will discuss the legal nature of the sport sponsorship, the contractual relationship between the sport sponsorship agreement parties and the relationship between these parties the third party who involve the sport event. Furthermore, it will discuss the rights and the obligation of each party and its consequences.

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