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Research Student: Negar West

The directors' duties to companies in Iran: what imperfections exist and what could be done by way of improvement.

Photo of Negar West

The intent of this approach is to examine Directors' duties to companies in order to explore how they perform their duties and also, factors influencing against the performance of their duties. In exploring this topic, the thesis will consider possible adaption of some aspects of UK law by Iran.

The main questions I deal with in my thesis are:

  1. Should directors' duties in Iran be modified and, if so, in what way?
  2. If there were changes made to the duties what consequence might flow?
  3. To what extent would the improvement of directors' duties improve the performance of companies in Iran?

The value of this research lies in the fundamental need to reform the Iranian system of corporate governance, especially the duties and responsibility of directors. Provide a systematic exposition of the law on directors' duties for any alteration to it.

Moreover, if Iran is to attract greater international investment, it might be wise to update the current framework as it is ill-equipped to cope with the inevitable strains that it will be under. Iran needs proper Company Law for the international trading, since the current Trade Law cannot deal with the all trade particularly in company matters like directors' duties in "success of the company" and "good faith" and also exchanging the knowledge of companies in Iran with the world.

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