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Dr Clifford Stott

Principal Research Fellow

I joined the University in September 2012 as a Visiting Professor to the Socio-Technical Centre. I then took up a full time post as Principal Research Fellow to the Security and Justice Research Group in September 2013.

I have previously held positions at the Universities of Liverpool, Abertay Dundee and Bath as well as running my own consultancy company.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the social psychology of crowd conflict and its relationship to public order policing, I have published widely on these topics in leading journals and co-authored three books.

For the last thirteen years, I have worked regularly with police forces, Governments and football authorities globally advising on the implications of my work the management of crowd events.


I am programme manager for the MA Security and Justice and module manager for the module Security and Justice.

PhD Supervision

I am able to supervise PhDs in the following areas ...

  • Riots and collective conflict
  • Policing
  • Hooliganism
  • Legitimacy and social identity

Key Publications

  • Stott, C, Scothern, M. & Gorringe, H. (2013) Advances in Liaison Based Public order policing: negotiating the management of protest. Policing: A Journal of Police Policy and Practice. DOI: 10.1093/police/pat007
  •  Stott C; Hoggett J and Pearson G (2012) 'Keeping the Peace': Social Identity, Procedural Justice and the Policing of Football Crowds British Journal of Criminology. 52(2): 381-399
  •  Stott, C.J., Adang, O.M., Livingstone, A., & Schreiber, M. (2008) Tackling Football Hooliganism: A Quantitative Study of Public Order, Policing and Crowd Psychology. Psychology Public Policy and Law. Vol. 14, No. 2, 115–14
  •  Reicher, S & Stott, C (2011) Mad Mobs and Englishmen?: Myths and Realities of the 2011 riots. London: Constable and Robinson. ISBN: 978-1-78033-532-2.
  •  Stott, C. & Pearson, G. (2007) Football Hooliganism, Policing and the War on the English Disease. London, Pennant Books. ISBN 978-1-906015-05-3.

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