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Dr Qi Zhou's Publications


  • Austen-Baker R, Zhou Q, Contract in Context (Routledge, 2014)

    This ensures that students are able to gain a firm grasp and a clear understanding of the narratives and theories explained in the book.

  • Zhou Q, Economic Analysis of Misrepresentation in English Contract Law (VDM Verlag, 2009)

  • Commercial Contract Law Transatlantic Perspective, ed. by Zhou Q and others, 1srt (Cambridge University Press, [n.d.])

Journal articles

  • Zhou Q, ‘limits of mandatory rules in contract law: an example in agency law’, Northen Ireland Legal Quarterly, 65.4 (2014)

  • Zhou Q, ‘The Yam Seng case: a new development of good faith in english contract law’, International Trade and Business Law Review, 17 (2014), 358-369

  • Zhou Q, ‘What can contract lawyers learn from law and economics’, The University of Tasmania Law Review, 30.1 (2011), 158-174

  • Zhou Q, ‘Damages for repudiation: An ex ante perspective on the Golden Victory Case’, The Sydney Law Review, 32 (2010), 579-93

  • Zhou Q, ‘An economic perspective on legal remedies for unconscionable contracts’, European Review of Contract Law, 6.1 (2010), 25-38

  • Zhou Q, ‘The legal standard of deceit in English law: an economic perspective’, European Journal of Law and Economics, 28 (2009), 83-102

  • Zhou Q, ‘An economic perspective on the doctrine of unilateral mistake in English contract law: a remedy-based approach’, Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 59.3 (2008), 327-338

  • Zhou Q, ‘A deterrence perspective on damages for fraudulent misrepresentation’, Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics, 19 (2008), 83-96

  • Zhou Q, ‘Is efficient breach possible under English sale law?’, Journal of Contract Law, 24.3 (2008), 268-83


  • Philipsen N, Zhou Q, ‘Business Restrictions in the Legal Professions: Do We Need More Market Integration?’ ([], 2016), 2, 211-238
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-662-48273-5_9

    Author URL []

  • Zhou Q, DiMatteo L, ‘three sales law and the common law of contracts’, in Comparative Contract Law British and American Perspective, ed. by DiMatteo L and Hogg M (Oxford University Press, 2015), 347-378

  • Philipsen N, Zhou Q, ‘Business restriction in the legal professions: do we need more market integration?’, in Market Integration: The EU Experience and Implications for Regulatory Reform in China, ed. by Philipsen N, Weishaar SE and Xu G, China-EU Law Series, 1 (Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 2015), 211-238
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-662-48273-5, Repository URL:

  • Zhou Q, ‘Judicial mediation: A Behavioural law and economics perspective’, in China and International Commercial Dispute Resolution ([], 2015), 333-351
    DOI: 10.1163/9789004306738_013

  • Zhou Q, ‘mandatory Rules and Default Rules’, in Commercial Contract Law, ed. by DiMatteo L and others, 1st (Cambridge University Press, 2013), 505-528

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