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Dr Joanne Hawkins

Lecturer in Business Law

I joined the Law School in January 2016 after having undertaken my PhD research at the University of Bristol. To date, my research has been funded by both the AHRC and Socio-Legal Studies Association.

Research Interests

My PhD research focused on issues of regulatory legitimacy in the context of shale gas exploration and the extraction technique of fracking. This research has fuelled my interests in the areas of environmental law, regulation, democratic rights/participation and the interaction of law and technological developments.


I teach on the Land Law, Law and Economics of Regulation and WTO Law modules.

PhD Supervision

I’m happy to discuss any PhD proposals falling within my research area.

Key Publications

Journal articles

Joanne Hawkins ‘Fracking: Minding the Gaps’ (2015) 17(1) Environmental Law Review 8-21

Journal commentary

Joanne Hawkins ‘Fracking: Beast or Benefactor? The Energy and Climate Change Committee’s Recent Report ‘The Impact of Shale Gas on Energy Markets’’ (2013) 25(1) Environmental Law and Management 26-29

Research impact

Environmental Audit Committee ‘Environmental Risks of Fracking’ (HC 856, 21 January 2015) Written evidence submitted by Joanne Hawkins cited at para 63


J Hawkins ‘Can you Convince People the Risk of Fracking are Worth it?’ ( 7 December 2015)

Media Contact Areas

I am happy to take inquiries by the press, radio, TV, on topics falling within my research areas. In particular issues relating to hydraulic fracturing and shale gas.

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