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Dr Jen Hendry

Lecturer in Jurisprudence

I am a Lecturer in Jurisprudence and the Deputy Director of the Centre for European Law and Legal Studies (CELLS).

I wrote my PhD at the European University Institute (EUI) on the topic ‘Unitas in Diversitate? On Legal Cultures and the Europeanisation of Law’, then spent 2008/09 as a postdoctoral fellow at the Tilburg Institute for Comparative & Transnational Law (TICOM) at Tilburg University. Prior to my doctorate I studied Law with German at the University of Glasgow, and completed an LLM at the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Law & Society.

In summer 2011 I was a visiting fellow at the University of Sydney’s Department of Philosophy.

Research Interests

My principal research interests are in the areas of legal, social and political theory, and in comparative law and legal studies, specifically on the concepts of legal culture, legal pluralism, and the Europeanisation of law.

I am currently writing on issues of legal translation and transfer, and am involved in an interdisciplinary research network focusing on ‘spaces of indigenous justice’.

I am a member of the editorial board of the German Law Journal and the executive of the Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA).


I am the module coordinator for the third year core module Jurisprudence.  I also teach on the English Legal System (ELS) first year module.

PhD Supervision

I currently supervise doctoral candidates working on issues of legal integration within the European Union, and am happy to consider potential students with projects in any of the research areas listed above.

Key Publications

Book Chapters

J. Hendry, 'Comparative Law and the (Im)Possibility of Legal Translation' in S. Glanert (ed.) Comparative Law - Engaging Translation (Routledge: 2014) forthcoming.

J. Hendry, ‘Legal Pluralism and Normative Transfer’ in G. Frankenberg (ed.) Order from Transfer (Edward Elgar: 2013).

J. Hendry, ‘The Double Fragmentation of Law: Legal System-Internal Differentiation and the Europeanization of Law’ in D. Augenstein (ed.) ‘Integration Through Law’ Revisited: The Making of the European Polity (Ashgate, 2012).

Journal Articles

Hendry, J. (2008)Governance, Proceduralisation & Justice: Some Challenges to the Legal Paradigm’ in Law & Critique: Special Issue on Governance, Civil Society & Social Movements 19 (3) 345-361.

Hendry, J. (2008)“Unity in Diversity”: Questions of (Legal) Culture in the European Union’ Journal of Comparative Law 3 (1) 289-294.

Review Essays

Hendry, J. (2008) ‘Review Essay - “Contemporary Comparative Law: Between Theory And Practice” - Review of Esin Örücü & David Nelken’s Comparative Law: A Handbook in German Law Journal 9 (12) 1313-1323.

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