School of Law

Dr Sam Lewis

Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice

I am a graduate of the Universities of Aberystwyth (BSc (Econ) (Hons) Law and Politics) and Bristol (LLM, PhD), and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I held research associate posts at the Universities of Bristol and Swansea before joining Leeds as a lecturer in 2004. I was an RCUK Research Fellow at Leeds between 2006 and 2012.

I have worked as a research associate, co-investigator and principal investigator on research projects funded by organisations including the Home Office, the European Union and the Nuffield Foundation.       

I have managed taught Masters programmes in criminal justice, criminology and criminal law at Leeds since 2013, and am currently the School’s postgraduate taught programmes tutor. I have been a member of the School’s Senior Management Team since 2015. 

Research Interests

Much of my research is concerned with the governance of risk and the regulation of ‘problematic’ children and families. I also have longstanding interests in ‘race’ and the criminal justice system and have been a member of the Ministry of Justice’s Race Advisory Group since 2011. I am currently engaged in research on conceptualisations of, and responses to, child-to-parent violence in England and Wales. I am also involved in research on the incursion of neuroscience into social policy and the relevance for socio-legal theory.

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I am the module convenor for Criminology: Theories and Concepts (UG).

PhD Supervision

I am happy to supervise doctoral students in any of my key research areas (See full C.V. for further details).

Key Publications


Lewis, S., Raynor, P., Smith, D. and Wardak, A. (2006) (Eds) Race and Probation. Cullompton: Willan, xix + 230 pp. 

Journal articles

Crawford, A., Lewis S. and Traynor, P. (2017) ‘“It ain’t (just) what you do, it’s (also) the way that you do it”: The role of Procedural Justice in the Implementation of Anti-social Behaviour Interventions with Young People’, European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, 23.1 (2017), 9-26
DOI: 10.1007/s10610-016-9318-x, Repository URL:

Lewis S., Crawford A. and Traynor, P. (2016) ‘Nipping Crime in the Bud? The Use of Anti-Social Behaviour Interventions with Young People in England and Wales’, British Journal of Criminology, DOI: 10.1093/bjc/azw072, Repository URL:

Lewis, S., Maguire, M., Raynor, P., Vanstone, M. and Vennard, J. (2007) 'What works in resettlement? Findings from seven Pathfinders for short-term prisoners in England and Wales', Criminology and Criminal Justice, 7(1), 33-53.

Lewis, S. (2005) ‘Rehabilitation: Headline or Footnote in the New Penal Policy?’, Probation Journal, 52(2), 117-133.

Raynor, P. and Lewis, S. (2011) ‘Risk-need Assessment, Sentencing and Minority Ethnic Offenders in Britain’, British Journal of Social Work, 41, 1357-1371.

Book chapters

Crawford, A. and Lewis, S. (2007) ‘Évolutions mondiales, orientations nationales et justice locale, Les effets du neo-libéralisme sur las justice des mineurs en Angleterre et au Pays de Galles’, in Bailleau, F. and Cartuyvels, Y. (Eds) La Justice Pénale des Mineurs en Europe: Entre Modéle Welfare et Inflexions Néo-libérales. Paris: L’Harmattan. 

Lewis, S. (2009) ‘The probation service and race equality’, in: Singh Bhui, H. (Ed.) Race and Criminal Justice. London: Sage.

Lewis, S. (2008) ‘Adult Offenders: Policy Developments in England and Wales’, in: McIvor, G. and Raynor, P. (Eds.) Developments in Social Work with Offenders.  London: Jessica Kingsley.

Research reports

Calverley, A., Cole, B., Kaur, G., Lewis, S., Raynor, P., Sadeghi, S., Smith, D., Vanstone, M. and Wardak, A. (2004) Black and Asian Offenders on Probation, Home Office Research Study 277, London: Home Office, 80 pp.

Crawford, A., Lewis, S. and Traynor, P. (2012) Anti-Social Behaviour Interventions with Young People. Findings from the Nuffield Foundation-funded study, Leeds: CCJS Press, pp. 23 + iii.

Lewis, S., Maguire, M., Raynor, P., Vanstone, M. and Vennard, J. (2003) The Resettlement of Short-term Prisoners: An Evaluation of Seven Pathfinders, Home Office Research Findings 200.  London: Home Office, 4 pp.

Lewis, S., Vennard, J., Maguire, M., Raynor, P., Vanstone, M. Raybould, S. and Rix, A. (2003)  The Resettlement of Short-term Prisoners: An Evaluation of Seven Pathfinders, RDS Occasional Paper No. 83.  London: Home Office, 110 pp.

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