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Dr Carly Lightowlers

Academic Fellow - Crime and Policing Data Analytics

I completed my degree in Criminology at the University of Lancaster and MSc in Research Methods and Statistics as well as my PhD at the University of Manchester. I conduct research on criminal behaviour and substance misuse and have experience of doing so in local and central government (Home Office), as well as in academic settings. I joined the School of Law in 2015 as an Academic Fellow.

Research Interests

My PhD investigated ‘the development of drinking patterns and violent behaviour amongst young people’. Alcohol consumption and offending are some of my key research interests, however, I have also conducted research in relation to the 2011 English ‘riots’. Whilst the bulk of my research has been quantitative, previous work has included qualitative methods.


As a fellow of the Higher Education Authority, I am committed to providing high quality teaching and fostering life-long learners. I have experience in delivering teaching across a criminal justice programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, including leading modules (e.g. Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminological Theory). I currently teach Research Methods on both the Criminology and Criminal Justice and Security and Justice Masters programmes.

PhD Supervision

I supervise an ARUK funded PhD (based at LJMU) on the role of alcohol in veterans’ violent offending, as well as an ESRC Case PhD studentship with the Metropolitan Police Service.

I am happy to consider proposals in areas of:

  • Alcohol, crime and violence
  • Riots and disorder
  • Quantitative analysis of criminal justice and police data

Key Publications

Journal articles

  • Pina Sanchez J, Lightowlers C, Roberts J, ‘Exploring the punitive surge: Crown Court sentencing practices before and after the 2011 English riots’, Criminology and Criminal Justice 2016
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  • Broad R, Lightowlers C, ‘Policy and practice tensions in tackling alcohol abuse and violence in probation settings’, Probation Journal, 62.3 (2015), 251-267
    DOI: 10.1177/0264550515587972, Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/88909/

  • Lightowlers CL, ‘Let’s get real about the ‘riots’: Exploring the relationship between deprivation and the English summer disturbances of 2011’, Critical Social Policy, 35.1 (2015), 89-109
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  • Lightowlers C, Quirk H, ‘The 2011 english 'riots': Prosecutorial zeal and judicial abandon’, British Journal of Criminology, 55.1 (2015), 65-85
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  • Morleo M, Lightowlers C, Anderson Z, Cook PA, Harkins C, Bellis MA, ‘A review of the impact of the licensing Act 2003 on levels of violence in England and Wales: A public health perspective’, Crime Prevention and Community Safety, 11.3 (2009), 204-218
    DOI: 10.1057/cpcs.2009.14


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