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Dr Francis Okanigbuan

Research Fellow

I have been a Research Fellow in the Law School’s Centre for Business Law and Practice since October 2016. I obtained a PhD at the University of Manchester, where I was previously a Teaching Assistant (Company Law). I was also an Associate Lecturer at the Faculty of Business and Law, Manchester Metropolitan University.

I am currently working with Professor Joan Loughrey and Professor Andrew Keay on the project; 'Business Judgment and the Courts'.

Research Interests

My research interests are in the areas of Corporate and Commercial Law, particularly;

  • Company Law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Sale of Goods Law (Carriage of Goods by Sea)
  • Comparative Law

Key Publications

F. A. Okanigbuan Jnr, ‘Carriers’ Liability in Contracts for the Carriage of Goods by Sea: Is there a Justification for the Hamburg and Rotterdam Rules?  Business Law Review  (2016) vol. 37 issue 6, 222-230  

F. A. Okanigbuan Jnr, ‘Revisiting the Separability Doctrine and Parties’ Rights to Litigation in Commercial Transactions’ International Company and Commercial Law Review (Sweet & Maxwell) 26/8 (2015) 255-259.

F. A. Okanigbuan Jnr, ‘Employment Protection and Shareholder Interests: The Role of Managements in Corporate Takeovers’ Journal of Academy for Advancement of Business Research (Institute of Strategic and International Studies, Florida USA) 4/1 (2015) 99-105.            

F. A. Okanigbuan Jnr,Corporate Takeovers and Shareholder Protection: UK Takeover Regulation in PerspectiveManchester Review of Law Crime and Ethics 2 (2013) 268-297.

Media Contact Areas

  • Corporate Law (Takeovers, directors duties)
  • Comparative Law

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