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Dr David Pearce's Publications

Journal articles

  • Pearce D, Halson DR, ‘Damages for Breach of Contract: Compensation, Restitution, and Vindication’, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 28 (2008), 73-98

  • Pearce D, ‘Remedies for Breach of a Keep-Open Covenant’, Journal of Contract Law, 24 (2008), 199-225

  • Honeyball SE, Pearce D, ‘Contract, Employment and the Contract of Employment’, Industrial Law Journal, 35.1 (2006), 30-55
    DOI: 10.1093/indlaw/dwj002

  • Pearce D, ‘Farley v. Skinner: right or wrong?’, Cambridge Law Journal, 61.1 (2002), 1-52
    DOI: 10.1017/S0008197302291503

  • Pearce D, ‘Election Latest’, Cambridge Law Journal, ed. by Prichard MJ, 60 (2001), pp.261


  • Pearce D, ‘Property and contract: where are we?’, in New Perspectives on Property Law, Obligations and Restitution, ed. by Hudson A (Cavendish, 2004), 87-116

Conference papers

  • Pearce D, ‘When Do We Owe Our Children a Duty of Care? Reflections on O v Rhodes’, 01/09/2015

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