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Dr Maria Grazia Porcedda

Research Fellow

I conduct research on cybercrime and privacy rights in the context of the EPSRC-funded CRITiCaL project. Before joining the University of Leeds, I was a Research Associate at the European University Institute (EUI, 2012-2016), and a Researcher at Research Centre in Information, Law and Society (CRIDS, 2010-2011).

I hold a PhD in law and an LL.M. from the EUI, an M.A. in International Relations from the University of Bologna (with honours from the Collegio Superiore), and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Cagliari.

I trained in the legal and societal matters of privacy rights and information security at the EDPS and the OECD. My early work has been acknowledged by the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (Premio Ruffini), and the Italian Information Security Association (Clusit).

I am a member of Europol’s Data Experts Network, and an advisory board member for data protection matters in the ERC-funded DomEqual Project.

Research Interests

My research focuses on law and technology, particularly on the relationship between privacy rights (respect for private and family life and protection of personal data), cybersecurity and cybercrime, in the EU and beyond. I also research on the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, legal empirical studies and participatory methods. Furthermore, I am interested in wellbeing in the workplace.

Key Publications

Book Chapters

Porcedda, Maria Grazia. “The manifold significance of citizens’ legal recommendations on security, privacy and surveillance“, in Surveillance, Privacy and Security. Michael Friedewald, J. Peter Burgess, Johann Cas, Marc van Lieshout, Rocco Bellanova and Walter Peissl (eds.), Routdlege, Taylor and Francis (2017). Open access:

Porcedda, Maria Grazia. “Public-Private Partnerships: A ‘Soft’ Approach to Cybersecurity? Views from the European Union” in Security in Cyberspace: Targeting Nations, Infrastructures, Individuals. Giampiero Giacomello (ed), Continuum Books, Bloomsbury Publishing, New York (2014).


Porcedda, Maria Grazia. “Lessons from PRISM and Tempora: the self-contradictory nature of the fight against cyberspace crimes. Deep packet inspection as a case study”, 25 Jahrgang Seite 305-409, Neue Kriminalpolitik 4/2013, Nomos.

Working papers

Porcedda, Maria Grazia. “Data Protection and the Prevention of Cybercrime. The EU as an Area of Security?” European University Institute Working Paper, Law Series, 2012/25.

Policy papers

Porcedda, Maria Grazia. “Transatlantic Approaches to Cyber-security and Cybercrime” in EU-US Security and Justice Agenda in Action, Chaillot Paper N. 27, 30 December 2011, European Union Institute of Security Studies.

Media Contact Areas

I am happy to be contacted by the media for inquiries in the areas of cybersecurity and cybercrime, privacy rights issues (rights to respect for private and family life and to the protection of personal data) and the regulation of cyberspace and new technologies.

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