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Professor Fiona Smith

Professor of International Economic Law

I joined the Law School in 2017 having previously held positions at University of Warwick and UCL. I've also been Visiting Professor at University of Minnesota, University of Michigan and Boston College Law School. My research focuses on international trade law in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) particularly agricultural trade. Additionally I am Editorial Board member and European Book Review Editor for the Journal of International Economic Law.

Research Interests

My research takes a distinctive and original approach to the study of international economic law. I challenge the orthodox view that the problems of international trade and investment will be resolved once a strong normative regime is created. I have argued in my published work instead that the area is so politically dynamic, that conventional ideas about how regulation works are inappropriate. The value and very idea of "regulation" is often neglected in existing scholarship, but lies at the centre of my work. Another strand to my work considers the way language works in international trade rules. This has led me to engage directly with debates about law and language, particularly the work of James Boyd White.


International Economic Law, Law of the World Trade Organisation, Global Governance, International agricultural trade

PhD Supervision

I welcome PhD students in all areas of international economic law, particularly agriculture.

Key Publications

Smith: ‘Natural Resources and Global Value Chains: What Role for the WTO?’ (2015) 11(2) International Journal of Law in Context 135-152.

Smith & Haberli: ‘Food Security and Agri-Foreign Direct Investment in Weak States: Finding the Governance Gap to Avoid Land Grab,’ (2014) 77(2) Modern Law Review 189-222.

Cardwell & Smith: ‘Renegotiating the WTO Agreement on Agriculture: Accommodating the New Big Issues,’ (2013) 62(4) International and Comparative Law Quarterly 865-898.

Smith: ‘Law, Language and International Agricultural Trade Regulation,’ (2010) 63 Current Legal Problems 448-474.

Smith: Agriculture and the WTO: Towards a WTO Model for International Agricultural Trade Regulation (2009) Edward Elgar Publishers, International Economic Law Series edited by Alan O. Sykes and Mary Footer, ISBN 978-1-84542-490-9, 192pp. July 2009.

Media Contact Areas

  • International trade under the World Trade Organisation (WTO)
  • BREXIT and trade
  • International agricultural trade

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