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Neil Stanley's Publications


  • Stanley NK, Wolf S, Wolf and Stanley on Environmental Law, 5 (Routledge, 2010)

  • Stanley NK, White A, Wolf S, Principles of Environmental Law (Cavendish Publications Ltd, 2002), 3

Journal articles

  • Stanley NK, ‘Contentious Planning Disputes: An Insoluble Problem?’, Journal of Planning and Environment Law 2000, 1226-1239

  • Stanley NK, ‘The Empress Decision and Causing Water Pollution: A New Approach to Section 85(1) Water Resources Act 1991 Strict Liability’, Water Law 1999, 37-45

  • Stanley NK, ‘Public Concern: The Decision-makers' Dilemma’, Journal of Planning and Environment Law 1998, 919-934

  • Stanley NK, ‘Curtilage: A Pernicious Lack of Certainty’, Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 1996, 352-365


  • Stanley N, ‘Public perceptions of unfairness in planning’, in Justice and Fairness in the City A Multi-disciplinary Approach to 'ordinary' Cities (Policy Press, 2016)

    This book examines the theory and practice of justice in and of the city through a multidisciplinary collaboration, which draws on a wide range of expertise.

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