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Prof. Dr. Elies van Sliedregt

Professor of International and Comparative Criminal Law

I joined the Law School in January 2016. Before I came to Leeds I was professor of Criminal Law at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam where I retain a 0,2 fte postion. Previously I taught at Leiden University and Utrecht University.

I have held visiting fellowships at Cambridge, Oxford, Bologna, UNSW and Monash University. In 2010, I was a visiting professional at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Research Interests

My research interests include: comparative research into principles of criminal law (presumption of innocence, personal culpability), legal pluralism, European Arrest Warrant, terrorism, refugee exclusion.

I am currently working in a research project, funded by the Netherlands Research Council (NWO), on the harmonization of liability theories in international criminal law. 


War Crimes & Genocide (LAW3515)
Introduction to Criminal Law (LAW141)
Criminal Law (LAW1260)
Global Governance Through Law (LAW5866M)

PhD Supervision

I currently supervise the following research students:

  • Johannes Bijlsma, on the insanity plea in Dutch criminal law (VU Amsterdam)
  • Alexandra Popova, on complicity in international criminal law, in particular the law of the International Criminal Court (VU Amsterdam)
  • Gilian Dobson, on the expressive function of the pre-trial proceeding (arrest and summons to appear) at the International Criminal Court (VU Amsterdam)
  • Christian de Cock on leadership crimes  in times of armed conflict (Open University/VU Amsterdam)
  • Sarah Alwahaiba, on the effect of the right to a fair trial on international jurisdiction, recognition, and enforcement of foreign judgement (University of Leeds)
  • Saif Muhammed, on a comparative analysis of anti-terrorism laws (University of Leeds)

I am happy to consider proposals in areas of international criminal justice, terrorism, comparative international criminal law.

I have supervised five research students to successful completion of their degrees and have been external examiner for eighteen PhDs.

Key Publications

Sliedregt, E. van & Vasiliev, S., ‘Pluralism: A New Framework for International Criminal Justice’, in: E. van Sliedregt & S. Vasiliev (eds.), Pluralism in International Criminal Law (Oxford: Oxford University Press), p. 3-39 (chapter of edited Volume)

Sliedregt, E. van, Ohlin, J.D. & Weigend, Th., ‘Assessing the Control-Theory’, Leiden Journal of International Law, Vol. 26, issue 3, 2013, 725-746 (refereed paper)

Sliedregt, E. van (2012). Criminal responsibility in International Law. Oxford Monographs in international law. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 330 p. also available through Oxford Scholarship Online: http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199560363.001.0001 (monograph)

Sliedregt, E. van (2012), ‘The Curious Case of International Criminal Liability’ Journal of International Criminal Justice, Vol. 10(5), 1172-1188 (refereed paper)

Sliedregt, E. van, Ten to One. A contemporary reflection on the presumption of innocence (Den Haag: Boom Juridische Uitgevers, 2009) (published version of inaugural address)

Media Contact Areas

  • War crimes prosecutions
  • International criminal justice
  • International Criminal Court

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