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Prof. Dr. Elies van Sliedregt

Professor of International and Comparative Criminal Law

I joined the Law School in January 2016. Before I came to Leeds I was professor of Criminal Law at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Dean of the Faculty from 2011-2015. Previously I taught at Leiden University and Utrecht University.

I have held visiting fellowships in Cambridge, Oxford, Bologna, and at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. In 2015, I was  Holding  Redlich  fellow  at  the  Castan  Center for  Human  Rights  at  Monash University  Melbourne.  At the ICC, I was a visiting professional with Chambers in 2010.

I am a member of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities. Previously, from 2008-2013, I was member of the Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and alumna since 2013

I am senior editor of the Leiden Journal of International Law and a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Conflict and Security Law. I am also an author-contributor of the Oxford Bibliographies in International Law (on joint enterprise liability and conspiracy).

I have secured over £1 million in external research funding, as principal investigator. I have managed research studies in the fields of legal pluralism, criminal responsibility, and terrorism and the presumption of innocence funded by the Dutch Research Council.

Research Interests

My research interests include: comparative research into principles of criminal law (presumption of innocence, personal culpability), legal pluralism, European Arrest Warrant, terrorism, refugee exclusion.


  • Mass Atrocities and Criminal Justice (LAW3516)
  • Introduction to Criminal Law (LAW141)
  • Criminal Law (LAW1260)
  • Global Governance Through Law (LAW5866M)

PhD Supervision

I have supervised 7 PhD students, at Leiden University and at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I currently supervise 5 PhD students: 4 at the University of Leeds, 1 at the University of Stockholm, Sweden.

I am happy to consider proposals in areas of international criminal justice, terrorism, comparative and/or international criminal law.

Key Publications

Journal articles

  •  Sliedregt, E. van, ‘International Criminal Law: Over-studied and Underachieving?’ Leiden Journal of International Law 2016, 1-12
  • Ohlin, J.D., Sliedregt, E. van, Weigend, Th.,‘Assessing the Control-Theory’, Leiden Journal of International Law, 2013, 725-746
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  • Fry, E.G., Sliedregt, E. van,‘Joint Criminal Enterprise and Conspiracy’, in Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO),, (Oxford University Press 2013)
  • Huisman, W. and Sliedregt, E. van, ‘Rogue Traders. Dutch Businessmen, International Crimes and Corporate Complicity’ Journal of International Criminal Justice, 2010, 803-828
  • Sliedregt, E. van, ‘Article 28 of the ICC Statute: Mode of Liability and/or Separate Offense?’ New Criminal Law Review, 2009, 420-431
  • Sliedregt, E. van, ‘European Arrest Warrant: Extradition in Transition’, European Constitutional Law Review, 2007, 244-252
  • Sliedregt, E. van, ‘Joint Criminal Enterprise as a Pathway to Convicting Individuals for Genocide’, Journal of International Criminal Justice, 2007, 184-207 (awarded Giorgio la Pira prize)


Book Chapters

  • Sliedregt, E. van and Vasiliev, S., ‘Pluralism: A New Framework for International Criminal Justice’, in: E. van Sliedregt & S. Vasiliev (eds.), Pluralism in International Criminal Law (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2014), 3-39
  • Sliedregt, E. van, ‘Command Responsibility at the ICTY: Three Generations of Case Law and Still Ambiguity’, in: B. Swart, A. Zahar & G. Sluiter (eds.), The Legacy of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2011)
  • Sliedregt, E. van, ‘Complicity to Commit Genocide’ In P. Gaeta (ed.), The Genocide Convention. A Commentary (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2009), 162-192
  • Sliedregt, E. van, ‘System Responsibility at the ICTY: in search of a conceptual framework’ in: W.N. Nollkaemper & H.G. van der Wilt (eds.), System Criminality (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2009) 183-200
  • Sliedregt, E. van, ‘Dual Criminality’, in: N. Keijzer & E. van Sliedregt (eds.), European Arrest Warrant in Practice (The Hague: TMC Asser Press/Cambridge University Press 2009), 40-65



  • Sliedregt, E. van & Vasiliev, S., (2014) (eds.), Pluralism in International Criminal Law, (Oxford: Oxford University Press), 480 p.
  • Sliedregt, E. van (2012). Criminal responsibility in International Law. Oxford Monographs in international law. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 330 p. also available through Oxford Scholarship Online:
  • Sliedregt, E. van, Immuniteit van de staat: de houdbaarheid voorbij? (Immunity of the State: beyond its sell-buy date?) Handelingen Nederlandse Juristen-Vereniging 2013, (Deventer: Kluwer 2013) (published in Dutch)
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  • Sliedregt, E. van (2003), The Criminal Responsibility of Individuals for Violations of International Humanitarian Law, The Hague/Cambridge: T.M.C. Asser Press, 462 p.

Media Contact Areas

  • war crimes prosecutions
  • international criminal justice
  • International Criminal Court
  • Dutch law

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