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Dr Henry Yeomans

Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice

I am a Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice and Programme Manager for the BA Criminal Justice and Criminology. I have been working at the University of Leeds since 2011. Prior to this, I completed my PhD at the University of Plymouth.

Research Interests

I am interested in alcohol, behavioural regulation and historical criminology.

My research focuses on the manner through which certain forms of behaviour come to be understood as problematic and the various means, legal or otherwise, through which attempts are made to regulate these 'problem' behaviours. Specifically, my work to date has investigated these processes historically and in reference to alcohol. More broadly, my research engages with notions of deviance, social control, moral panics, moral regulation and risk.

I am currently working on a BA/Leverhulme funded project which investigates the historical development of excise duties as a means to regulate drinking. I am also examining the convergences and divergences of alcohol and illicit drug policies, as well as investigating the usefulness of historical approaches to criminology.


I am currently teaching on the following modules.

  • Researching Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Understanding Crime
  • Crime, Law and Social Change (10 credit and 20 credit versions)
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation supervision

PhD Supervision

I am interested in supervising research relating to historical criminology, behavioural regulation, deviance and alcohol.

Key Publications


Yeomans (2014) Alcohol and Moral Regulation: Public Attitudes, Spirited Measures and Victorian Hangovers', Bristol: Policy Press.

Yeomans, Henry (2013) ‘Blurred Visions: Experts, Evidence and Alcohol Policy’, in Sociologies of Moderation: Problems of Democracy, Expertise and the Media, edited by Alex T. Smith and John Holmwood, Oxford: Wiley Blackwell.

Yeomans, Henry (2013) 'Moral Panics or Moral Regulation? Theorising Alcohol in Public Discourse', in Moral Panics in the Contemporary World, edited by Chas Critcher, Jason Hughes, Julian Petley and Amanda Rohloff, Bloomsbury Academic: London.

Yeomans, Henry and Critcher, Chas (2013), 'The Demon Drink: Alcohol and Moral Regulation, Past and Present', Routledge Handbook of Leisure Studies edited by Tony Blackshaw, Routledge: Oxon.

Journal Articles

Monaghan, Mark and Yeomans, Henry (2016), 'Mixing Drink and Drugs: "Underclass" Politics, the Recovery Agenda and the Partial Convergence of English Alcohol and Drugs Policy', International Journal of Drug Policy (in press), available at http://www.ijdp.org/article/S0955-3959%2816%2930013-5/fulltext .

Yeomans, Henry (2014), 'Teaching and Learning in Crime and Criminal Justice History: An Overview', Law, Crime and History Vol.4 (1), pp.1-14, 

Yeomans, Henry (2013) ‘Blurred Visions: Experts, Evidence and Alcohol Policy’, in The Sociological Review Vol.61 (S2), pp.58-78.

Yeomans, Henry (2011) ‘What did the British Temperance Movement Accomplish? Attitudes to Alcohol, the Law and Moral Regulation’, Sociology, Vol.45 (1), pp.38-53. (This article was awarded the Sage Prize for Innovation and/or Excellence 2012.)

Yeomans, Henry (2009) ‘Revisiting a Moral Panic: Ascetic Protestantism, Attitudes to Alcohol and the Implementation of the Licensing Act 2003’, Sociological Research Online, Vol.14 (2/3).

Journal Discussion Paper

Yeomans, Henry (2011) 'Providentialism, The Pledge and Victorian Hangovers: Investigating Moderate Alcohol Policy in Britain, 1914-1918', Law, Crime and History, Vol.1, pp.95-107.

Journal Editing

Guest editor of 'Teaching and Learning in Crime and Criminal Justice History', Special Issue of Law, Crime and History Vol.4 (1).

Co-book reviews editor for the Sage/BSC journal Criminology and Criminal Justice.


Interview with the Alcohol and Drugs History Society, 14 October 2014.

'Medicating Alcohol Problems Shouldn’t Mask Moralising about “Good” and “Bad” Drinking', The Conversation, 13 October 2014

Radio Interview, 'Good Evening Wales', BBC Radio Wales, 23 April 2014 [seven days catch-up only].

Analysis and Comment, 'Evidence for alcohol policy is still uncertain and it's time to admit it', The Conversation, 17 February 2014.

Radio Interview: 'Thinking Allowed' with Laurie Taylor, BBC Radio 4, 29 January 2014. 

Radio Interview: ‘Thinking Allowed’ with Laurie Taylor, BBC Radio 4, 23 March 2011.

Media Contact Areas

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Alcohol policy
  • Temperance movements
  • History of crime and criminal justice

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